Good morning!!!!

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From 15:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs the temperature was 79°F Dropping down to 60 overnight.
Tin work done, basement cleaned up, compost pile turned and 7 dead trees marked for felling. I am not confident enough to fell them myself. They are tall enough that if they come down with a stiff NW wind they will land on the house. There are a couple of local guys that are good fellers. I will see if one of them are willing to do it.
Have a good night all
Are you anywhere near this guy? I have binge-watched most of his videos.

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I guess that's why they make a lot of bondo.
That also why they make the self driving Tesla according to some.

Good morning! 64˚F heading to the upper 80s, partly cloudy southerly breeze.
The free range chicken fight did not change the pecking order, the big guy ended up on top.
Mom's Cat needs her shots today so that's on the agenda. 18 years old and has the screechyest awful sounding meow when being transported.
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I’ll take my chances with a 69 chevelle ss 396 or a challenger with 426 hemi or 1970 mustang boss 302 over a tesla all day long

The self driving Tesla is for those who’s driving skills have diminished, not for those who want a muscle car, so you would not need that expensive option.
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Good Morning!!!! 56F @ 5:00AM. Sunshine and a few afternoon clouds. High 83F. Winds S at 10 to 15 mph.

I'm right there with you when it comes to backing up trailers, Drew. The little backup camera perched over the back license plate on the Ford helps, but when I can't see the little trailer in the mirrors or even looking over my shoulder out the window, I end up getting out of the truck and walking around back to see what's going where. The camera on the back of the Toyota is much better, and there's no trailer, but I'm not to the point yet where I trust those red and yellow lines in the display to actually keep the car from hitting something while backing up. Maybe some day, but not now. But that sentiment helps explain why the vans I'm looking at offer so many collision avoidance sensors, front, sides, and rear, and get thousands of dollars for the packages that contain them. It's a balance between staying out of trouble, and making systems so complex they are unreliable and expensive to fix and maintain.

As Don points out, Buppies, if I'm lucky someday I'll be too infirm to pilot that Chevelle and an autonomous Tesla will hopefully get me safely to the drugstore and back. Heck of a reward for growing old, but what are you gonna do?

Spent most of yesterday chasing ProMaster vans, by color, to see if any were close enough to buy off a lot. I found a gray one in Reno, NV, that had all the must haves, and some of the nice to haves, and none of the don't wants, only to call and find out it won't be out of the dealer's body shop until July. Uh, no thanks. So I spoke to the fleet manager at the dealer I test drove at two weeks ago, and forwarded him my build sheet. He said he'll put together a quote Wednesday when he's back from his weekend off. In the mean time, today I'll look for a blue one on a lot; I also finished tan and red yesterday. I figure most of the contractor vans will be strippers, and white paint is a no-charge option, so I'm avoiding white ones for now. I'm also avoiding dealerships that don't link the Monroney stickers on their web pages, as that's too much like buying a pig in a poke. I've found several dealerships still charging $5K and $10K "market adjustments" on vans sitting on their lots, another no-no in my book.

Hope everyone's week gets off to a great start.
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My driving skills are diminished and I know it still does not change my dislike of Tesla automobiles in general. Perhaps I should have just said that. I am a fan of old muscle cars just don’t own one. Sort of reminds me of endocrinology doctor who told me in 2002 he was going to hurt me by removing beer or alcohol from my diet, I told him he needed to take something from me I did since I did not drink but eggnog once a year at Christmas. When he got around to food he hurt me so to speak

The Tesla technology is there for all cars to use if they so desire. The atmosphere side of things is something entirely different but each animal has its pluses and minuses arguments best left for a different venue
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Good morning, the low is 60 and the high going to 82°F. Wind SW 5 to 10 mph. Zero chance of precipitation. Sunny!

Drew, I can be a cynical old schmuck at times. So if it sounds like that I don't mean to be. On backing up, If in doubt get off your a$$ and go look. I do that constantly when I am backing two trailers. Not so much when backing one. Backing up can and is tricky for some. It is just a skill set you need to teach yourself, or go to a driving school and learn. I did. In 1969. I could back into a spot on the left (clear side), but couldn't on the right (blind side). I will still go ten miles out of my way to back in on the clear side. I ONLY back the trains from the clear side or straight back.
Now I am going to sound like I am volunteering someone else, but I will bet that if you supplied the beer, popgadget could probably make you a bumper that would be a lot stronger than stock.😇

Buppies, I will add to your list a '55/56 Packard.
Did you know that Packard was the FIRST car manufacturer to offer A/C as a factory option in 1940? That was news to me too.

Kilroy, I have seen some of his stuff, but I am not totally positive where he is in Ontario. I do think he is here...somewhere.

txdon, most cats do NOT like riding in vehicles. Don't know why, they just don't.

I have a small bit of body work to do on the Dodge today. A 6"x6" patch of paint fell off. I'll get the angle grinder out with the wire wheel on it and shine up the piece and paint it with black stone guard again. I did it two years ago, now it is time to do it again.

5 days until I am gone down south, grab my big truck and then gone northwest for the summer.

Gotta get my tail in gear before the heat hits.

Have safe day all
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Morning all, 54 going up to 74 and sunny.
Dog walk at peddlers village and watered some stuff, takeout for dinner.

Son has a job down in town and goes for training Saturday. Ice cream place, first official job.

Mostly - hope the wife is feeling better

Back to the day job,
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I did not know that L4N my parents had one a Packard their first car after they were married and dad got out of hospital no a/c. It was gone by the time I made an appearance
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Tesla is in hot water with Feds over over-promising and not delivering on their FSD, full self driving.
Teslas actually handle very well, I find the interior too austere.
Teslas apparently have built in dash cams so if you tangle with one, you are most likely being recorded

properly adjusted adaptive cruise control can be a real help, prevents tailgating in many cases
Always thought it would be most helpful in long highway stretches, but regular cruise control does fine for that.
It's heavy traffic, all lanes full doing 50 in a 60 where it just keeps me about four car lengths, sometimes five, behind the truck in front of me, who is keeping well behind the truck in front of him, where I find adaptive really helpful.

yes sometimes I look down and think why am I going so slow
system is doing exactly what it's designed to do.
but it's not AI, there is no optimize setting where it automatically goes into passing lane if space is available and closing speed warrants it.
if you touch your turn signal, some systems will drive you around, left lane, accelerate maybe with a little extra push on the pedal, and then turns back in.
I don't think it turns in automatically, it's only smart enough to change lanes within certain parameters.

having said all this, am hoping I have a car/truck with Supercruise in it at some point.
Allegedly the latest version of Supercruise in full bling Silverado's will allow for trailering, where you enter in the length, width, etc. of your boat trailer or rv.
Just like my Garmin rv gps requests, but this is allegedly going to swing even wider around turns to clear the trailer.
just not sure I'd trust it...maybe at 2mph.

Pretty sure Supercruise is mostly restricted to interstates and four lanes.
if the light says red and Supercruise is holding you steady at full speed, assuming they build a disengage a certain distance from traffic lights.
because system is gps positioned to within several inches on the road, perhaps thanks to the abundance of satellites up in the air now,
I'd let the software do the big road driving.
but I can see a lot further than the electronics can.
still is my job to drive the bus
I believe a good defensive driver will out perform any electronics.
maybe only exception to that is night vision.

my gps tells me to do stupid things at time, turn off here, where I absolutely know it makes no sense.
I think the traffic planning in WAAZ starts to incorporate some AI.

I don't mind aids to good driving. Particularly as I get older. But any of you who have owned a Subaru with Foresight or xyz with some other nanny/beeper system,
the ability to turn off those aids is a big deal. I back down a driveway with a hedge right next to the road. I've had the Volvo slam on the brakes for a small branch that had fallen down overnight. Scared the crap out of me, thought I had hit a car in driveway.

That High Country Silverado is about 80 grand. Sigh. Only packaged in highest trim.
at least inside of these trucks now look the price. My first home cost 77 grand here in 1978.
now your truck costs as much as a house used to
and worse, you get stuck with power moonroofs and equipment, like 22 inch wheels,
when you only want 18, in order to get the tech package you want.

I'd like an 18 inch E rated tire that rides nicely and doesn't cost 350 bucks please.
sorry, buzzer goes off, order rejected. Incompatible order. Go fish.

Bill, totally agree, if I had gotten out to look the first time, I would have saved that tail light.
never saw the trailer jacknife the second time.
my hitch extension came in, headed out to install it.