Good morning!!!!

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Good morning, 61 going to 80 today no rain around here in fc

Picking up groceries this morning and the stapler will deliver today. Getting 12 percent off buying from HD makes it easier

Watered the recently planted evergreens yesterday leaving the hose on each for an hour with a small flow. No need to mow grass it is not growing. The wood carts are former American Airlines luggage carts. Tried to back them up a few feet yesterday but the front axels turned sharply. Maybe one will work with front mounted hitch to correct but two connected together forget it. Ended up pulling from the rear with a chain.

Not sure what else today?
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this was easy
7 inches longer
22 bucks
I feel longer already. :cool:


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I did not know that L4N my parents had one a Packard their first car after they were married and dad got out of hospital no a/c. It was gone by the time I made an appearance
I inherited my '55 Packard Clipper Super Panama (2 door hardtop) from my Grandfather. That is why I am so bitter because my x-wife got rid of it. "You love that car more than you love me". I got that on a regular basis. So, without committing adultery I let her get rid of me too. No kids, no alimony. Freeeeeeedom! But no post war classic car either.
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Kilroy, I have a pretty good idea where Sawing with Sandy may be located, but in the interest of his privacy I will not search him out.
If you are interested in log home building AND living off grid, you might try "My Self Reliance" he is in Ontario, too. He is about 50 miles away from me. I wont go near his place either.
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school board emails flurrying around today regarding this Friday's pancake breakfast.
Members of school board cook pancakes, usually blueberry and chocolate, for the entire small school and most of parents.
Last year, my first year flipping pancakes, was the proverbial true wash out. I had pancakes floating away on my griddle.
we finally had to unplug, worried about shocks in rain.
this year the forecast is 91 and sunny. Sweat city over a hot grill.
but great fun
I have my blueberries or chocolate chip menu down and as long as we don't have
short term supply issues (run out of blueberries usually) we'll do fine.
we do an optional gluten free mix
two hours, then we clean up and go home.

pretty sure I'll wear my bib again, it sure rang true last year


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I can only speak for the Camry, but the Adaptive Cruise Control on it leaves a lot to be desired. It's OK on straight freeways, but when it gets into a curve, it senses the edge of the road and puts on the brakes. Then when the road starts to straighten out, it mashes the go pedal. Not very fuel efficient, and pizzes off anyone behind me. So far, I've not found any way to defeat the adaptive part, and just have it act as a regular cruise control. RAM offers an adaptive option, but I'm not crazy about ordering it. I think it's a good idea, but the implementation is not very good, at least in Toyota's case.
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Another thing I noticed this last trip. I use a radar detector, and I noticed it going off pretty often when there was traffic around. Even out in the middle of nowhere. I think more and more cars are using some form of radar to gauge distance, and it's setting off the detector. That's good for the drivers, but it's also good for the cops, who can hide in the radar clutter. Not that I would EVER exceed the posted speed... :rolleyes:
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Good Morning
It was about 50 outside when Zoe got me up at 5 to take her out. We went back to bed and didn’t get up until late.
Good news is that wife is feeling much better. Bad news is that I am not.
Have a runny nose and chest congestion and cough. Low grade fever, under 100. I tested negative 6 times in the last week, most recently this morning, all negative.
So I guess it’s just a cold, and will pass quickly.

I did get the sound system up and running for my son yesterday, but was pretty lethargic all day. I would expect the same for today.

A funny story, wife saw my pile of negative tests, and told me they were positive because there was a line at the “C”. I told her that was for control, and a positive test would have a line at the “T” as well. So she might not have been positive either, but she insists that she was.
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Good morning! Low of 52°, heading up to "near 80". A 20% chance of a couple of sprinkles. Maybe greater chances later in the week.

The large strawberry planter is set in place, leveled, and partially filled. Took me much longer to level it than expected. It is 3'x8', so slight changes to one end really affected the opposing end.

Today's agenda is to continue filling the planter and then transplant the berries. Then setting up the drip irrigation. An existing zone is within 5 ft, so won't be too hard to do.

Apparently, the 2 remaining golden willows we propagated a couple seasons ago, are 'outgrowing' the containers they are in. Starting to show some signs of distress. Need to find a place to plant them.

Drew, good luck with the continuation of the repair. Hope the hitch extension helps.

RNG, hope you can find a van.... agree, dealers are definitely still all over the place. "Market adjustment" add on's are pure price gouging. The state AG here is investigating multiple dealers about "unfair consumer practices".

Buppies, that was a lot of rain! Any local flooding?

The snow melt here has caused the Rio Grande river to have very high flow rates, almost a couple areas of 'whitewater' rapids. This past weekend had multiple swift water rescues.
Why would you go out into a fast moving body of water on an inner tube if you can't swim? ---- at least be smart enough to wear a life preserver...... oh, wait, I think I see the problem.....

I hope everyone has a great day!