Good morning!!!!

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The smoke haze today was was somewhat less than yesterday's and I could still smell smoke this morning. Today's low temperature was 43ºF. The current 78ºF is today's high temperature so far, and I expect today's high temperature to reach into the low 80ºF's. I will be getting some seat time on the rider this afternoon.
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Good morning! 67° now, predicted high of 86° today. Repeat of yesterday. Some warm days coming up. We need some rain.

Been busy, had company all weekend. Ate too much, but the smoked brisket was really good.

We took a long bike ride yesterday, had lunch at a burger place south of here. They claim fresh, local ingredients. Sure tastes good. We Dina lot of back roads, wife thought I was lost several times. She was surprised when we ended up on a familiar road not far from home. She has decided she needs a better helmet. So we started looking for a helmet for her.

Trying to trap an annoying critter. It keeps gigging up plants and bulbs. So far, 0-2 with the live trap.

Not sure what today will bring.

Everyone stay safe out there.
Sounds like you need a “dead trap” instead…
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67°F and 1.5 inches rain.

With the exterior sections flailed can transition to mowing the interior more lawn like areas with the BX and Scag. Of course I’ve used flail on these areas many times but the BX is a bit quicker. The Scag, 36 in, is best fit inside the pool fence.

Prayers for All
Be safe
Have a great day
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Yes, all the '23 ProMasters have the V6 Pentastar engine.

I hope to hear from the local dealer this week with a quote on a custom factory order. But one of the dealers I talked to yesterday said RAM had cancelled all their orders for '23s, maybe a sign that they're soon switching to '24s.

Pricing on used vans is crazy. Even new examples of last year's models are selling for more than MSRP. And instead of falling in price by 1%/month as they did prior to the pandemic, depreciation is less than half that. So the savings aren't great on a used vehicle, and who knows how well they've been maintained. So I'll keep looking for something new with the right options, and hope the local dealer can come up with something sooner rather than later.
When my 93 Caprice Wagon died, and I was outvoted and had to buy a new vehicle at a dealership, I asked about the 4WD Econolines. Unfortunately, this was in ‘16, and they had stopped Econolone production except for commercial cab-only production and nothing was available new. Which is why I got an F150.

I still hate most of my dashboard - I can only imagine that it has gotten worse!
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I’m definitely feeling a lot better, but have yet to go outside or be productive.

The Milwaukee stapler is battery powered, when I tried to find a parts breakdown to see what the driver mechanism is, Milwaukee doesn’t share it, they just say it has to go back for service for anything in that area. They do acknowledge that it has a high pressure gas cylinder in it, some how it is charged or compressed and cocked by the electric motor. I’m curious as to the exact mechanism, but it seems they are keeping it close to the vest.
Whatever it is, it works great though.

Here is what they say on the parts list-
“Due to the combination of the compressed air system and electronics in this tool, service can only be performed at Milwaukee Authorized Repair Centers”
Well, they also have the battery-powered M12 tire inflator, so there is probably some commonality…
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Well, they also have the battery-powered M12 tire inflator, so there is probably some commonality…

From what I can make out in their parts lists, there isn’t any. The stapler can fire 2 staples per second, so they aren’t driven by air, nor does it exhaust any. I’m guessing that they are mechanically loading a piston in a captive gas cylinder and using that stored energy to drive the staple like a spring.
It’s also very frugal with power consumption. May Frits will put his analytical engineering abilities to work and give us his thoughts.
Bu regardless HOW it does it, it really does it well.
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PopG glad you are feeling better. Really enjoy pictures of Zoe but I think I already said that before and you have done so, thanks
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Wrapping the wire at the posts was the most time consuming part of the job, er, I mean fun.

Nah, you correctly called it out as the worst, or least favorite part.
But I do think it’s better than stapling them, and was what the fence manufacturer recommended.
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Good MorniAfternoon!

(I forgot to hit send, so I might as well start from scratch)

God has given us another chance to get it right — or at least not screw up too badly…

Currently a comfortable 72.9F, might her a little higher, rain may start a bit later, might not…

Harry got his talons trimmes yesterday, he desperately needed it. Picked up some chichen pellets and a bark collar at Tractor Supply,so that he will stay in his crate QUIETLY at night. We don’t care during the day, he is. Hound! But sleep is nice…. Speaking of TS, our small town is steadily being affected by the ongoing breakdaown of society:


it’s not like there is all that much brass left in the float valves! Unimaginable craziness, no?

This morning was some more Harry training, working on stay a bit, about 60% success.

gathered up some saved mechanic-in-a-bottle containers and primed and painted them, to make smaller pre-mix containers for the chainsaws, currently balong in the sun atop the pickup bed cover:


Heard from BigBoxOrange on missing scaffold items. Had to cancel that part of order and receive credit, then reorder missing items fresh. ETA 7-10 days. So the carpenter bees got another month of house munching in… yay…

Druggies had a car problem, so at 2:10 AM they were pulling a brake caliper and beating on it to free the piston. Finished about 2:45 AM. Yay…

Looks like the rest of the day will be devoted to energy conservation and YouTube University.

I hope everyone has a happy healthy safe blessed day!
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