Good morning!!!!

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Thanks for sharing PopG. Boyo would be in the next county. In a couple of weeks We will be going to a new Vet and Vet clinic for the first time. I've only been in a Vet's office once in the +2 years We've had him due to our former clinic's Covid 19 "drop off-wait-pick up" policy. This should be "interesting."
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84F and Fair @ 14:30, HI 86F, heading up to around 86F for the day's high.

Spent the night in the garage planting winter squash and pumpkin seeds with the overhead door open, getting those watered in - it was very relaxing and quite pleasant ... (y)

Seemed like a better way to go (as opposed to sharpening blades), given the hand cramping.

Got 5 seeds planted in pots (one seed per pot) for each of the following:

Winter Squash:
Hubbard Golden
Hubbard Blue
Guatemalan Blue
Pink Banana Jumbo
Sweet Meat

Big Max
Mammoth Gold
Kentucky Field
Small Sugar

Limited it to 5 seeds per variety to minimize the watering burden until they can be gotten in the ground. Will probably plant more eventually, as the existing ones get planted. Still have several varieties I haven't gotten to yet.

Plant order from Burgess finally arrived, haven't inspected it yet.

Woman out doing purchase returns and laying in a stock of cat food for the beasts before her departure in a couple of days.

First item on my agenda for the rest of the afternoon is to water plants in pots around back.

Then probably work on getting decking boards cut for shelving.

If I can get enough done for another shelf, maybe load the pots in garage and get those moved around back and set out.

Beyond that see what else comes up.

Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday ... (y)
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Here is another. This was from a “down”. Admittedly I didn’t tell her to come, only told her that she was free.
She did come when called at the end, but I thought it was pretty funny.

She took you literally ... ;)

Thanks for posting that ... (y)
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She took you literally ... ;)

Thanks for posting that ... (y)

I thought I needed to paint a realistic picture. She is far from a well behaved dog, but she loves people, and we are constantly working on manners. Ask Dennis,Drew or Ken. It it doesn’t matter if they love her, she is going to fawn over them.