Good morning!!!!

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Good morning, the low temperature is 58 and the high to 87°F. Wind WSW 5 to 10 mph. Zero Chance of precipitation. Partly cloudy.

About 9 A.M. today I will be going out to cut the front and possibly the back yard. The north field can grow.
Sometime around 11 or so we'll be making a dump/town run.
Two days of freedom left. Then back to the grind.:poop:

Have a good fishing trip Kyle!

Ron, the petal at the 2 o'clock position has an ant on it.

Have a safe day all
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Good Morning
49 outside, high of 85 under sunny skies, another dry day. No mowing until we get some rain, maybe some showers in the next few days.

Yesterday was another day spent mostly in the recliner. Temperature stayed about 99.5, didn’t feel to bad, just lethargic. Cough subsided, nose dried up, so that was big improvement.

This morning temp is normal and I feel pretty good, I’m planning on venturing out, maybe finish up the little plane, pick up a few bags of dog food for Zoe, generally just merge back into normalcy
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Good evening all. 63ºFfor the start, partly cloudy sky, light breeze. Light wind, some increase in cloudiness, and high temp was 89ºF HI 91ºF. putter to start, bike ride, lunch, mow front yard, nap. Getting prep for bike trip done. Weather in Missouri should be good.
Ron nice you could help your neighbor make a big pile of chips. Hope you recover from yesterday while you do the in house chores
Bill hope town trip was successful.
Buppies your ground should be soggy by now. Glad you got the rain. prayers sent.
Frits Great to hear PT showing results. Glad daughter is helping out. Hope stapler works out. Hope you can get back on the service work soon.
Drew hope you got the goodies for board meeting.
Don sorry about hearing aids working so well around cat. Never had a fan on my tractor. Cat does not look happy.
RNG Glad stucco guys showed up, and keeping it wet is not too big a pain. Sorry dealer did not want to play ball on van. Glad you got deliveries in the box.
Paul sorry you are still under the weather. Hope you are feeling better soon.
Dennis hope mower was OK to mow with.
Drew glad I don't have any hills like that to bike up!
Rich nice navigating. Glad you had good company and food was good too. Third time is a charm.
Ted sorry not more rain yet. Glad you got willows taken care of. Hope you get the rain and make progress on planter
Chris sorry to hear not good year for strawberries.
Paul sorry no parts break down on the stapler.
Jay hope mowing went well.
David hope mowing went well.
Kilroy hope collar works. Glad you are getting some training in. I just use 1 gal gas tank marked "50-1". Sorry sleep so hard to come by.
Paul nice video.
Jay hope new vet works out.
Paul hanks for video.
RS hope seed planting went well cramping is the pits.
Ray welcome back. Sorry about the abrupt change to hot dry weather.
glad no one hurt and only an inconvenience because of fire.
Thomas glad short work day. Hope grilling was good
Drew glad new grease gun non-event.
Dennis wonder if your dad used it up then forgot? Interesting pics.
Randy(wag) sorry about needing a new meeting venue. Glad minimal damage from the wind.
Rich nice new top link. Figure out what you are after, more than 1 critter?
prayer for all, especially Jay/Peg, Kyle /Daughter, /mom's breathing, /learning new job, /friends upcoming new baby, /son's migraines, Bird /aging issues, Ron /heart, Billy /mom hypertension & congestive heart failure, David(moss) /remodel, /divorce, Buppies /new skin cancer spot and treatment, /back surgery healing, /wife knee healing, Thomas /gout, Phil /reflux, Frits /veteran son with mental issues, /granddaughter with Evans Syndrome, Ken /dad possible dementia, Steppenwolfe /son-auto immune disorder, Grev /wife's eye, Ted /knee recovery, /retirement & disability red tape, /family issues, Lou /eye issues, /loss of brother, /heart issues, Doug and wife/health issues, / hand nerve and surgery, /fall and recovery, / wife headaches and heart eval, / David(sadamo)/Sophie's and David's new eye surgery recovery, Chris /neighbor's granddaughter and Covid issues, Scaredy/shoulder dislocation, /marriage dissolving, / friend stop drinking, Paul/ wife's healing from back surgery, Dennis /retirement, /neighbor issues, /land development, /favorable winds not in the forecast there "alligallyitus" and back in hospital, Drew /back operation issues, /friend's wife cancer diagnosis and recovery, mike /wife's healing from surgery, Scotty /back pain, Helogabals /second opinion, /wife's friend situation, Fatjay /father broken hip, Ukraine war, and Country.
I have some 1&2-gallon jugs, but I also like to have the little containers for when you don’t want to lug extra stuff around, but you may need to top off to finish. Plus I like to keep a container in the chainsaw case (along with small containers of bar oil, which infill from gallon jugs, too).
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good morning all
you first have to get peony ants, then come the flowers...
not sure of my eyes but I think there's a tiny black ant on that one flower

long, fun but tiring board meeting last night, send off for current head of board, nice pot luck dinner, my store bought desserts went over well.
Our one Greek board member made home made octopus salad, my was that good, and not chewy at all.

next couple of days going to be very warm. Haircut this afternoon, not much else planned, maybe mow this afternoon. Been a while since I've mowed
since it stopped raining. And finally the fiberglass repair kit came in so likely going to get a coat of that on. Now have three coats of underlayment. Have no idea how many top coats needed. slowly grasshopper....

coffee going down but slow to wake up

struck out going to American Legion building yesterday with my old flag. No outdoor containers, just a lot of places to park for 20 bucks.
I'll call them today and find out what their procedure is. Reminds me I need to work on new flag.
my order of 100 little four inch flags came in, I'm ready for July 4th.
Our American Legion (post 6) has been considering such a drop off for old flags. Doubt we will end up doing it however? On the web I found: (for at home disposal)
You can bury a flag in the ground in a well-constructed container to keep it protected. In the US Flag Code, it states the cloth should not come in contact with the ground or dirt. Fold it properly and place it in the box. Take a moment of silence or respectfully say a few words as you bury the box.

I have to admit that the above method is just too much trouble -as much as I would like to do it properly. The nearest drop-off is a LONG way for most people. The U.S. Department of Defense does say you can burn old flags: How to Properly Dispose of Worn-Out U.S. Flags.

This is what I do, although without the proper folding and ceremony.
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Spike did you get all of your hay up?

Top of the Morning to you wngsprd
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Good Morning!

God has given us another chance to get it right (or at least not screw up too badly…)…

59.9F, May get into 80s, probably rain this afternoon. Too mucky to head to woodlot with dogs.

If weather is cooperative this morning, I may attempt reassembly of the long-stalled cultivator project. More importantly, I will work on hard-boiling the vast accumulation of eggs on our DR table. Possibly even get them pickled? That would be good.

Low expectations day.

i hope everyone has a happy healthy safe productive blessed day!
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Morning all, 52 going up to 88 and sunny/hazy
Mowed part of the lawn and then disassembled, clean and sharpened chain and took down rakers on small saw. Then replaced blade on brushcutter and greased the head.

The deer that has been hanging out in my backyard is the same one that sleeps in my little side yard at night. It walked past me and the dog to go lie down, while its yearling was wandering around getting a last snack.

Robin is getting very defensive of it's fledglings and stares at us when we are on the back deck.

Talked to my Uncle and he wants to try stents instead of open heart surgery, can't blame him as he is 90 this year.

Going away party for wife's coworker tonight, so won't get much done.

Be well,


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Good morning, 59 going to 86 today no rain around

Planning to work on fence and daughter is coming out to help. Staple gun is ready. That thing is heavy but the good thing is there is a way to hold with the other hand while triggering easing the load on the bad shoulder.

Scraped the edge of wife's flower bed yesterday. Was looking for shovel do it and it hit me go take the excavator and it was done

Talked to other daughter calling in usually daily around supper time. She is struggling with a cold like Popg and trying to be off work although some online sessions continue. Got the political office politics of the day download.

Did not get as much done yesterday as planned but oh well another day. Wife comes first

Did a run to town to drop off letters paying bills and took this picture on the way back of a small stone building next to an 1800's farm house. Could have been the ice house back in the day?

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Great picture m7040, tried to get picture of turkeys in yard they moved too fast