Good morning!!!!

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When I went out today I suddenly remembered that I had an order in Powassan that I forgot to get yesterday. I was in Powassan yesterday, too. Got some permethryn "for my horses". i don't have any horses, but it is sold for horses, so that is what I told the guy. I will treat my shirts when I get to the yard.
I had ordered an oh crap handle for the z-turn and it came in two weeks ago. It is now on the mower. That should make it easier to get on and off the mower. You young'uns can probably jump right up on it and jump off just as nimble, but not me.
Grass all cut, front, back, north field and both sides of the driveway. I will go out later tonight and grease it, all 4 fittings. It is already cleaned out where the blades run. It will cut all the above grass three times before I need to fuel it. She holds 5 gallons of fuel, although the owners manual says I can use up to 10% ethanol fuel, I use the top grade of shell fuel which has zero ethanol.
My ride on mowers always used a gallon of fuel and I had to stop and refuel before I could do the north field. The fuel fill hole (3") is big enough that I can pour the fuel into it without the mickey mouse spout. So far I think it is the best $9,000.oo I ever spent.
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Helped the wife this afternoon and changed the transmission oil on the sprinter.
Getting in the habit of draining the transmission oil pan at every engine oil change and refilling with Shell ATF 134.
No dip stick on these vans. Took about 4 quarts but there is at least as much in the converter. By changing more often it should have fresh oil in there.
Will drop the pan at every 60K and change filter and drain the converter. It is pain because the rear engine mount have to come off and the unit lifted up to get the pan off and gain access to the small drain plug in the converter.
Completed the PT and getting this down as a daily routine that will be good to continue beyond
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Got everything mowed around the barn, except 1 edge that was too much of a clincher. Couldn’t put ROPS up, bolt missing again. Kubota replaced one last year when it was in the shop. In this pic everything except top left which was yesterday. Approx 5 hrs on meter today, did not record yesterday start hours.

Couple box turtles survived, saw them scrambling away

Saw what I think was coyote running out thru far field last time I drove out. Saw several deer.
And few rabbits.

Filled tractor twice today.
Sad to see the barn in such bad shape. Lots of childhood memories in that barn. Dad added the whole shed side back around 1952.
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Dennis- and you set your blade height high enough to save that turtle.. Awesome. Whenever I really clear the lower field I have the rotary mower set for 8"; avoids a lot unexpected ground surface features.
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Good (Friday) morning. Overnight Low of -1.6C (Yep, we're officially into Winter) and it's presently 12.4C, clear and fairly calm.

Into town yesterday to book the 'new' meeting venue (we've met there before) and then swung by the hardware store to get 3 new gutter hangers. Those were bought in anticipation of possibly replacing the existing ones if they're too far damaged... I walked out of the store without buying anything else, which is a rarity. :)

I then went over to the 'old' meeting venue to give them one last chance to change their mind but they were adamant. 'We' always have drinks & a meal prior to a meeting, so now they're going to miss out on a monthly 10+ restaurant 'sitting'. Oh, well. It's their business. I did 'leave the door open' if they have a future change of heart. There's no need to 'burn bridges', especially in a small town.

Tomorrow will be a very early start for the Pyengana Endurance Race. I'll need to be in position by 0715 and will plan on getting there by 0700 (half hour drive from home). I'll be manning a gate to let horses through and, apparently, keep some cattle & sheep from 'mixing'. Hopefully finished by 1530.

That's about it, take care all.
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Dennis- and you set your blade height high enough to save that turtle.. Awesome. Whenever I really clear the lower field I have the rotary mower set for 8"; avoids a lot unexpected ground surface features.

Dad got on me yesterday for mowing too high.
It was dragging the ground, don’t know how the turtles made it.
Several deer today.
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75F and clear @ 21:15, heading down to around 61F for the low.

Got shower and was about to head out for doctors, Woman said mama and one her babies was out back over on the west side.

Thought She meant deer ... nope groundhogs.

Walked back to bedroom looked out the window and there was one on the east side of the house as well.


Doctor appointment went ok, BP was 105 over 72, pulse 68, all systems nominal otherwise ...

Fixed my dinner plate (Woman's leftover Mexican) when I got back home then looked out the kitchen window before I sat down to eat: there was a 'coon at the feeder. Snuck out with the 12 gauge and got a good shot off from 75' away. Didn't kill it but probably hit it. It will likely be back.

Woman getting packed up for departure tomorrow in the AM.

Probably head out to the garage here in a few, get those asparagus roots soaking in some water, then maybe pot some of them up.

Hope everyone had a great Thursday ... (y)