Good morning!!!!

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I am trying to simplify as much as possible. That means no more animals. I just would like to sit around, walk, hike, travel and watch my grasses grow. Maybe just sit. LOL. No more business, no more jobs, just the family and me....
Fully Understand. I'm always trying to make decisions that won't come back to bother me downstream and simplify life.
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my patience was rewarded
nice multimillion dollar expeditionary trawler headed out.
I'd guess the brand but there are about five makes that all seem to look the same. He looked like he was passagemaking at about 8 or 9 knots.


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Had all the scrap in the truck, headed off to the dump after checking their hours on line..... guess what?
Forgot to mention, we listened to Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant.

Like the dump, our John Deere dealer is closed the whole Thanksgiving Weekend (Thursday thru Saturday)
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Good Morning Frits,
Yes, the older I get the more that, that life style seems attractive !

As I type this, I realize it’s time to go out to the barn and put the chains on the tractor !

So putting the chains on this morning, I realized that I can barely lift them off of the spike on the barn wall !

I’ve noticed many things have gotten heavier lately, not just me.
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Na, that would just be another thing they wouldn't want...

I have slowly started to declutter my house. S L O W L Y being the key word. But it's the probate issue that has me concerned, not the junk in the house. If they want the property, they can clean out the house...

I know some people that have their property in an LLC. I'm curious as to the difference between that and having it in a trust, as far as probate, etc.. My cousin's death with no family and no will is the perfect example of why you need something. It's been in probate a couple years now I think, going on 3 yrs since his death.

Dennis. No clue as to the LLC vs Trust. We have a Trust. But I would wonder about the property tax implications. Here having Deed held in Trust gets same property tax treatment as personal, ie we get all the age related benefits. Don’t know how that would be treated in LLC.
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oh no snow...
coming our way, perhaps, last year was a total bust.
never had to use the snowblower once
will likely pay this year

those tractor tire chains have always been heavy and each year
I bet they get even heavier. as a teenager I remember hanging them up on a big nail in the barn and the huge nail bent. Putting on those rusty chains was always the worst duty.
You Northern men lug that stuff out every year, always
enjoyed Lou's stories

any day my Father was going to work in the 60s, I had to get up at 5am and plow the 1/4 mile long gravel driveway with the 1951 JD B, pucka pucka pucka and a manually pumped front hydraulic lift snow plow. Want the blade up? Start pumping.
everything on that tractor was solid metal, the steering wheel, the hand clutch, the seat and boy were they cold sitting in an unheated shed.

When Ariens or EGO makes a remote control electric snowblower that I can drive from inside the house looking out the window, I'll be first in line to buy one. Actually my driveway is a simple rectangle, could program a robotic snowblower.

you sure aren't going to find an army of teenagers with shovels on their shoulders any more.

I wonder if some kids know what a shovel is?
Dad, isn't there an app for shoveling?
Yes son, it's called an APPlication of your arm muscles.

Drew, we didn’t have a tractor, but it was my brothers and I responsible to clear the drive for Dad to go to work. Can’t seem to recall ever seeing him shovel. It was our responsibility, no question. Wonder how many families like that these days.

Growing up in Maine and shoveling since old enough. I remember getting new shovel as Christmas present.

Guess that’s why seeing snow up on Mauna Kea is close enough for me these days.
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My brother and I were a snow shoveling team, our driveway and then any older neighbors and then the paying people up the street.
Could make what seemed like a fortune to me back then 20-30 dollars :)
Long days work, but fun.

Beautiful street M7040
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re; tire chains on tractors. I put my chains on in 2014 and they are still on. They work not all that bad in mud, too.

As for weight loss, I am at a robust 250, went back to work in spring at 276. I wanted to be down to 220, but my love of food got in the way.
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I'm curious as to the difference between that and having it in a trust, as far as probate, etc..
Good Afternoon BEF,
My wife and I just put our Vermont house in a trust for our two boys, along with their families. We have life use of the house, but have to stay healthy and off of any state aid for at least 5 years ! So for me that means 77 and 75 for my wife. Probate can not touch the estate. The Ct house is still in our name, because I get $2000 off of my yearly tax bill if I meet the points criteria with the Fire Department. So I plan on keeping that house in our name for a while longer.

How the LLC works, Im not sure about that, but our intention was to make sure the kids end up with something before we get ill and can not take care of ourselves any longer !
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Good Afternoon Bill,
I can still handle the chains but its getting tougher every year ! I have to mow about 7 or 8 acres of field twice a year, I could probably do it with the chains on but prefer not to.

You have a few pounds on me, I am at 190 after vacation ;), but normally around 182, so Im guessing you have a little more muscle than me !