Good morning!!!!

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32 going to 43. NWS says rain, but the local weather lady says no. We'll see.

BEF, tough loss on the farm and great workmanship on that building. Glad you were able to say goodbye. Hope it stays a farm and not developed.

Had a real nice anniversary day trip...had lunch at a place we really liked, and strolled around the town into the shops. I was mostly studying the old buildings' designs while my looked over some interesting things...then off to a winery and then a cidery on the slopes of the mountain. Drove home in the dark and saw some beautiful Christmas light house could probably be seen from outer space. 😁
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Morning all;
Not a bad day for the tail end of November, already 32F outside this morning and the ten day isn't real bad yet;

It got down into the mid teens the other night, the mini splits were having to work to hard.
Was going to fire the coal stove up last night, brought a pallet of coal up and started a charcoal fire but it didn't behave well for me and didn't get a good coal burn going. Danged thing loafed along for a while then died out last night. It will be going in a while today.
Looking at the forecast I'm likely to procrastinate for a while longer before getting all the tractors chained up and the snow tires on the vehicles.
Have a good day, all.
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Nothing much on the agenda yesterday so after lunch I ran up to the farm and cleaned up after the fun we had Thursday. Since I was there I hauled some logs up to the staging area. I envy Helo's log trailer. Still plenty more to do. Ground was fairly wet.

Have a good Sunday.

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36º going to 66º today with sunshine. 10 Day is mostly 60 -70º except some rain for next Saturday...we need it but part of me hopes they're wrong. Saturday is the monthly Cars and Coffee meet.


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Morning all, 39 going up to 47 and cloudy, rain later.

Got the poison ivy covered Ash trunk moved off the septic mound.

Didn't want to chance the tractor up there, so used my timberjack, with the jack base removed. A little muscle and leverage and it's down the side.

Got gas in the cans and ready for winter. Still have the bucket on, but it is quick to swap to the plow. No chains, so far the only place I slide a lot is in the driveway right by the front path. The shared road isn't too bad as long as I don't let the snow pile up too much on the plow.

Sorry about the too high cost BEF, see so many properties go to new people, but hopefully they will keep it whole.

Drew - that's a good goal, can you break all 39 rules before you leave?

Wow Scotty-hope everyone feels better soon.

Rich - have lost many posts, ah technology.....

Can't wait to see the mess that son and friends left in the apartment. They are still over there making noise.

Be well,

Across whole septic mound. All those thin branches are poison ivy.


a little muscle and leverage and down slope where I can rope it out after the vines have a chance to dry out.
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Good Morning Again ,
Pretty good turn around at Rutland Regional ! We left East Wells at 8:02 and we were home by 10:02 !
They gave Kathleen some medication for the eye infection!

I made breakfast for her when we got home and was rewarded by her telling me to start installing Christmas lights on the pine tree by the driveway! 😂

Wow Scotty-hope everyone feels better soon.
Thanks Ken !

Action shot of tractor and tree 🌲! 😉


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