Good morning!!!!

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productive day, got the mower blades sharpened and the deck lubed, and the lawn mowed and trimmed.
I think the mower sounded quieter after servicing and perhaps my imagination but it sounds less strained with
super sharp blades. Nice to get that done since looks like wet weather for awhile.

and I dragged out my six ton Big Red jackstand and put it under the mower deck. It looked a little silly but...

I had to write a note to my next door neighbor about his out of control yapping dog, a puppy but simply barks for hours.
He understood completely and the dog has not been heard since. Part of me feels bad about that, but the small part.
when he was out today I took over a couple of dug up blackberry plants for his fence, extras I didn't need, as a thank you.
and maybe a peace offering. He has two kids who play soccer in his front lawn, not far from my bedroom window and that's all fine.
but not that yapping dog. I hear him yell at the dog constantly to be quiet so I know he knew he had a problem.
I gently suggested an obedience/training school.

should be a quiet evening.

Bill, hope you get a cute nurse.
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checked out local hospital online, radiologist report posted,
no new cancer, some heart calcification but ruled out worst case.
Now I have to find an ENT that knows something about Menieres.
guess you're stuck with me for a little longer...
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Good (Wednesday) morning. Overnight Low of 2.8C and it's presently 14.2C, overcast and 'gusty' at times.

It's 'into town' day for mail, scripts & groceries. Just enjoying these late-Autumn days.

Glad to hear from L4N. (y)

That's about it, take care all.
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Spending time cleaning up my solar shed where I park the BX, Scag, and Mule. Now starting to rain.
Why do I not like pressure washing in the rain? Taking a break.
I generally don't like doing anything in the rain. Usually because I have to run back and forth between house, garage and barn whenever i'm on a project outside.