Good morning!!!!

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Morning all, 59 going to 63 and rain.
After work went and took deck off mower.
Sharpened blades, greased spindles.
Deck has a rip, will need to do some more frankenwelds.

Drew - great news. Good luck on the ENT, we have had some pretty bad ones locally.

Don - congrats on the new place, hope ti provides many years of happiness

Looks like peach tree is still alive after scratch test. So hope it will do something soon.

Need to get more mulch, bigger garden is looking better. Unfortunately the blue-green ornamental grass is going underneath the bricks and coming up everywhere. Time to restrain it,

Wifes passenger side mirror is damaged and I looked to see how much a replacement is: $800 !. So looking for used, but need to remove door panels and lots of other stuff to replace. Another project maybe. lots of bits and pieces of plastic....

Be well,
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Good Morning,
Ct, 58 to start going to 65 ! Raining now but should lighten up later this morning.

I have 3 tractor trailer loads of water coming in this afternoon ! Need to get the pool outlets ready before he gets here !

Makes we wonder about the calcium in the vitamins I take
and the Tums I eat. Not sure there is any connection between eaten calcium and what shows up in heart.
Drew, don’t take Tums, get Pepcid or similar antacid !

Don, beautiful ceilings , more pics when you can !

Need to get going ! Hope all have a good day ! 🙏
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60F cloudy on/off rain afternoon mid 60's for high.

Outside chores done E muffin time.
Plans for today...clean sweep shed trip to HD for large screw in hooks hang things,afternoon putter.

Enjoy your day all.
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60 and drizzle, going to 67...Got almost an inch yesterday/last night.

RNG, good work on your equipment sound like a banker taking collateral...good idea.

Yeah, good job on the bathroom, rip.

Popg, looks like a golf course.

Don, congrats on the beautiful new place...I could stare at that ceiling for architecture. Smart handling of your assessment.

Ken, she probably never used that mirror, anyway! 😁

Well, the weather and puppy kept me from outside work. But, I built a mini training/playground using an old 2x10 seesaw board set as a bridge with two huge paulownia logs as footings, and with ramps. Della is walking it like a pro. Soon will be adding a water stock tank for more fun.

My wife and I did "cupping" of 3 different roasts of the "contest" coffee...picked the one that was best to mail to the contest out in California. I got a chance to run up to the post office to mail it, and to mail a package of fun to my Long Island son/DIL. Ran into two guys I hadn't seen in a long time from the neighborhood (which means anything within about 5 miles). One I used to buy hay from for the horses, and the other that owns a big spread up on the river, where my son and I turkey hunted a while back. Great to see them.
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Good Morning
59°, grey and drizzling, not supposed to change much throughout the day. Rain hasn’t amounted to anything, less than 1/10” since yesterday, just keeps it damp outside.

Yesterday’s breakfast was good, daughter kept us entertained. Jeep went ok, I had to reclaim the charge that he put in without evacuating it, suck it down to 500 microns and weigh the correct charge into it. Worked like it was supposed to when we were done.

Next project was to replace the pump on my diesel tank. It was a 12v pump that I ran off of a battery that stayed on a battery minder in the shed next to the tank. The motor became intermittent, and I was tired of dealing with it. The new pump is 115v and connected in the shed. I hate spilling Diesel fuel on myself because the aroma lingers for a long time, so I wore disposable gloves used catch pans, and didn’t spill a drop- until I placed the removed pump into the carry all, while it was still connected to power, and suddenly came to life, spraying fuel everywhere from the outlet where I removed the hose.

When I finished up, the next chore was to was to wash the carryall with Dawn, soap cannon and pressure washer so it wasn’t like a skunk in the shop.
When I went to start the pressure washer, it tried to yank the rope out of my hand like it was angry with me. I remembered that when I installed the homemade valve rotator, I didn’t really set the valve clearance properly on the exhaust valve, and figured that was messing with the compression release. I think that I was right about that, after I set the clearance properly with a feeler gauge, it started happily without fighting back.

Last chore was to cutout a revised bucket ear for my buddy’s excavator and take it over for a trial fit.

I cut it out of a piece of an old 14ga oil tank that was cut up for scrap. It fit pretty well, but I did tweak the drawing slightly afterwards, trying to make them perfect when I cut them out of new 3/4” material.

Great to hear that Bill is removing and will likely keep his license.
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No rain for a day or so, so I'm going out to spray glyphosate on some food plot work. I'm waiting for the dew to burn off. The SIL says I should spray when the dew is still on, but I've always thought that would dilute the mix. What say ya'll?
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woodpecker must have miners in family dna
That's a great pix of the woodpecker on the ground-- thanks!

80F and sunny later today. Summer knocking on the door!

Last Fall I built a curved, sloped retaining wall using stacking stones. About 100ft. It's filled and planted, so now the landscape fabric is going down then covered with 3/8 "salt and pepper" gravel. It's kicking my tail.

Got about 4 yards of gravel spread with another 1 1/2 yards left in my trailer ready to dump. I'll get out there when it gets light but the body is complaining a little ...

Everyone have a great day!!!