Good morning!!!!

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Saw this and thought is was well said...

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Good morning! 78˚F heading to 98˚ partly cloudy, clear this afternoon, S wind.

The only time to work outside is early in the morning. I will start mowing at the new house around 7 and work in the yard. At least I can jump in the pool for a quick cool off.

Kyle and Buppies you both have tremendous challenges, prayers sent.

Hope everyone has a safe and respectful Memorial Day.
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That worked to remove, but not to put back on.
On the ZT wanted to use impact and torque stick for the blade screws but could not raise it high enough for clearance.
The blocking of the blades would work at times but slip at other times on the spindle
Putting a wrench on the pulleys and using torque wrench would work. The center with the gearbox used a large screw driver on the drive shaft to block it.
Found a setting on the Milwaukee impact that is close to required torque and is using that now. Much faster
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good morning, heavy rain storm and thunder last night. no watering needed. 66 going to 78 more storms on the way

Worked on the storm door latch and got the striker plate filed down to work good. Also rammed out the underflow from the log cabin to make it drain smoothly into the pond. More cleanup will be needed today to take grass and silt out of there

Also greased the ZT and reviewed for needed service. May continue that today. Currently at 1100 hours

Time to remember D's friends lost during her Afghanistan tours
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Use an impact gun with a torque stick.
That’s what I use. Put front wheels of tractor on ramps. Block MMM up just in case and use impact to remove blades. I have a Ryobi 1/2” impact with 4 modes. One of the modes stops tightening when it detects resistance. When removing it keeps impact until loose. Then stops. No more nuts and bolts flying across floor because I did not get finger off trigger fast enough.
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Good Morning
I’m reminded of a neighbor down the road who lost a son in Iraq war.

Nice hot dog roast after service last night. Nice night to sit around afterwards

I slept thru last nights storm. Deck wet this morning. Weather app not cooperating to see how much. Every now and then it looses internet and I have to restart it. ( .1" rain last night.)

And my Amazon packages did come yesterday, despite all the emails they would come tuesday. At least I got them.
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59F rain arriving soon until early evening mid 60's for high.

Outside chores done E muffin time.
Plans for today...Might take the trimmer for short walk other than that putter.

Enjoy your day all.