Good morning!!!!

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Good Morning.
53° with a high of 70 for today under a sunny sky. We got about 5/8” of rain overnight.

Yesterday we did get the waterline tapped and run into the existing garage, as well as backfilled. I’m putting the boiler room in there rather than in the addition to be a more efficient use of space.
We got the drain lines all laid out, but not run. There were too many cooks in the kitchen. We did buy all the appliances, went to local store, got to touch and feel everything, the add a year of warranty for cash or check, and they were $1000 less than online or big box pricing. Not to mention that they have a large and competent service department. We had decided before we went that we would pay more to buy from them, but they made the choice very easy. GE Profile gas range, refrigerator, microwave and dryer, Bosch dishwasher and Speed Queen washer.

My big box experience for the day was to get a rotating laser level from Lowe’s. Had to return because it was missing the receiver and bracket. Of course there were no more on the shelf, but they said they had 3 in stock. It took them about 20 minutes to find them, I opened it before I left and checked it to make sure it was all there. Of course it started raining cats and dogs on my back to return it, and continued until I got home.
Sure made me feel good about using the local appliance store.

Won’t get anything done today, I’m off to Vero Beach. We will get the drain lines in tomorrow.



Here’s what 2000 feet of hePEX looks like-


I’ve got to admit, I’m enjoying the construction, I glad that I kept some involvement for myself.

Gotta head off to the airport now..
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54 outside this AM, heading to mid 70's. Should be dry for a few days. Storm that came through last night left lots of branches and sticks to pick up. Today is pick up day. I'll have to think about setting the burn pile off since it has gotten really big these last few weeks.

Hope all have a great day. Be safe.


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53 sweet degrees, going to 76. Carolina Blue sky.

Ron, I see why you mowed so long after putting on new blades...I always feel like putting new blades on the mower is like putting new tires on the truck...just don't want to stop driving/mowing.

BEF, that's a nice invitation. Sounds like a great place to camp and nice weather...looks like the low up on Apple Orchard will be 46. If I get a chance to get to the mountains, I'll probably need to stay closer to home and go to SNP so I can back more quickly to puppy Della. She's not old enough to hike far...I took her about 1/4 mile yesterday at the park after the vet visit. She's gotten real good at the obstacle course I built her and climbing rocks. Glad you found your tape. You gonna measure off a possible cabin site?

Thomas, Boo wouldn't hurt you...I hope.

Rip, pretty pix...we didn't get a rainbow, but a similar sunset.

Got almost everything mowed yesterday afternoon before the storm hit. My wife's off to yoga this morning, so Della and I will probably chew up some furniture or something fun.
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good morning, 54 going to 71 no rain in the FC for a few days,
yesterdays rain storm interrupted the mowing but did get a section done

Going over in my mind about the neighbors pond if I should have just lived with the overflow condition down the driveway?
All he had to do was lower the overflow pipe down a foot or so and the problem would have been solved
He insisted on his fix to patch the low spot on the berm and keep the level at near overflow condition
of course that means the water always finds the next lower spot and overflows down the driveway again
Overflows only on heavy rain storms but still can do erosion damage and pavement damage as well
More to come I am sure on that story
Why he would not bend over backwards to fix this problem is beyond me
It will cost him dearly