Good morning!!!!

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good to sit down, hot and sweaty
got a lot done
changed the garden mess in left pic to new plantings from left to right
green peppers (which I had to transplant from somewhere else), watermelon and various squashes

then dropped off lettuce at Ken's and Popgadgets'.
Home to water everything with a solution of Miracle Grow
some green cabbage that was really bug chomped is starting to bolt, need to pick it
and do something with it.

seems like an awful big sand mound, wonder what it is sized for.


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Enjoyed breakfast with Mr and Mrs BEF great people good time together.

Went over and saw friend I had not seen in two years more good times and got to play with diesel the lab. Ate lunch just got back home.

Congratulations Fuddy cute baby wonderful blessing

Prayers for all silent or spoken our Country
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Buppies, my wife really enjoyed talking with your wife. Thanks again for coming up.
Lot of dust today on the campground road. All showered and shaved.
Talked to dad as my brother was leaving. Have been looking for new mower anyways, hope it’s not the tractor PTO clutch. Told dad I’ll be over sometime next week, will do serious mower shopping now.
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67°F and .54 inches rain

Need to finish putting Scag back together, check oil etc and if if drys a bit a short test run.

I think I have a couple 4 inch 12vdc fans suitable for my tractor test mod to cool the ECU. Need to figure how to support and as it’s just a test most likely directly power from battery, but at least look for a keyed circuit I can tap. If God approves maybe I’ll get dried out enough to test at least an hour

Prayers for all
Be safe
Have a great day
The ECU can usually be reset by disconnecting the negative battery terminal for a few minutes. If overheating it can be from internal excessive heat being generated. Check with heat IR gun to see what you get. The sensors feeding into he ECU can be faulty . Live stream diagnostic test can help isolate the problem
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Good Afternoon,
Fuddy, wow what great news ! You just joined the greatest club !! Super news !

and to be honest I haven’t paid much attention to when working
David, is there any chance that water pump bearings are intermittently seizing up and creating the belt squealing ? Or possibly the pump. Is going bad contributing to the over heating condition?

Nice day on the lake today, actually a top 10 day ! We are going down to Dorset for dinner, The Barrows Inn ! Should be a nice evening!

Nice to hear BEF and Buppies getting together!

Hope all have a good evening! 🙏
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. Need to "harden" the house from chewing, like floor extension cords, etc.

This is from a professional breeder who exposes the pup to a variety of stimuli such as wildlife, hunting, gunfire, and so on. New experience for us.
All part of exposure and stimulus to a variety of things.

Zoe’s breeder did the same thing, we were required to watch tbe “Puppy Culture” DVD’s.
Fortunately, at a a year and a half old, she hasn’t chewed anything. She has a very “soft” mouth and will steal things like shoes, but when you find them they are unscathed. Usually she just takes them downstairs and leaves them in the living room.
When she first met the concrete contractor, he was sitting on the tailgate of his truck, changing into his work boots. She promptly brought one of his sneakers into the house…..