Good morning!!!!

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Who needs a rooster weather vane when you can have a live peahen?
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Coffee has been poured. 47° with clear skies this morning. Heading to 79° with plenty of sun. Grocery shopping went good. 3 cases of drinking water. 2 bags softener salt. 2 bags of bird seed. Got all mine and neighbors fuel cans refilled. 45 gallons total. Those 5 gallon tanks get heavier every time I get them refilled. Rested on back porch for rest of the day. Plan to get grass mowed today.
Got to be a way to get at that bird feeder.

Everyone stay well and safe.

Good Morning All.
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54F clear sky might reach 70F low humidity.

Outside chores done E muffin time.
4:55am Boo was playing with wind chimes standing his back legs,after 15 good mins. Mrs.step on the deck said "that's enough your going to break them" they had stare down,Boo walk away but looking back....wonder what Boo was thinking. ;)
Plans for today...4 hours at part store,PM cut down clean up good size blue spruce.

Enjoy your day all.
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good morning all
should be a nice day, rain last night disappointing, .08 on gauge, not enough to do anything.
We have a week of very hot dry weather ahead.
I'll sure be watering a lot.

off later this morning to pick up BIL and we are off to his son's gender reveal lunch.
I wanted to take something, found a cheap little assortment of floating tub toys for a baby, one even lit up...
plus a nice card.

this whole thing seems pretty contrived, a Hallmark moment, but if that's what the kids want, fine. They rented an athletic club bld in
Bridgeton North of here and having a catered lunch so they are invested in it. I'll be driving father and his mom, my 98 year old MIL.
Father just had a new knee put in and trying to avoid driving. At least it should be a beautiful day, sunny and low 80's.

11 years ago I made a promise to my dying wife to look after her Mother. Promises made, promises kept. As many of us know, as the old
folks get older, this usually just gets harder.

great weather vane Kyle.

hope you all have a nice weekend and a good Father's Day tomorrow. Not my day...
I just try to be a good uncle.
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good morning 60 going to 80 today, rain was promised but ended up being barely wet. Hot weather is coming

Watching the Royal family Trouping of the Colors. Quite the ceremony. Wife went to school with one of the royal family members.

Hope to not get stuck again in the tree plantings. Two times is enough.

More of the same today with clean up of the tree plantings

D went to a party at the Australian embassy and had her going away party after having accepted a new position. Gift was Oscar the Grouch in a trash can to represent that she is " the Queen of Managing Dumpster Fires"
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Good morning, the low is 42 and going to a high of 68°F. Wind NE 6 mph. Sunny!
Today and tomorrow are the last 2 days of decent temperatures, then we get into the hot range.

If the wind gets up a little today I might go out and turn the compost pile. It is big enough that I turn it with the BH.
Other than that I think I will do nothing.

Have a safe day all
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booked a couple nights in Fairfield Inn in Washington NC in two weeks, going down to visit my old stomping grounds, this time
by car and not rv. Will stop overnight at friends in DE on way down, hoped to see my brother in VA on way back but he will have taken
off for Michigan for the summer by then. So an almost 9 hour drive home...every time I do that I swear I won't do it again...
but getting home a day earlier means the veggie garden will do better.

I have one big outdoor pot with tomatoes in it that seems to need watering every two days.
maybe I can rig up a plastic bottle waterer while I'm away, simple to make