Good morning!!!!

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61F blue sky gentle breeze overnight lows mid 40's. :)

Good spruce cut up another brush pile to burn come winter,4 out 6 stumps remove added to stump dump for winter burning,tomorrow 🤞removing last 2 stumps.

Plans for the evening on the deck feet enjoying smooth cigar wait for the stars and critters.

Enjoy your evening all.
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Thanks. He had his chance to stop the overflow and ruin the driveway pavement and eroding the property. It is now showing cracks in the pavement and deep scars from water flow erosion. All he had to do was lower the overflow pipe to allow it to carry more flow but he refused because having the water level up higher looked better. And that it is impacting me and costing me money was not his concern.
It is his concern now. It sux to be him.
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61°F and had clear skies this morning, got up to 93° today. Back to 80° now. Looking at possibly 100° tomorrow.

Got most of the mowing done today, with the exception of the pasture, which I'll mow tomorrow morning before it gets ridiculously hot. Wasn't bad out there today, as there was a bit of a nice breeze blowing.

Hope everyone is well.

Good evening, gents.
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Ran to kubota dealer almost hour away this morning. Put a gallon of SUDT in tractor, still barely showing on the stick. Don’t see any leaks, not sure what’s up. Should have bought 2 gallons.
Mowed all afternoon into evening

Some of this real steep, went up and down in that area.
Hit a turkey nest, broke some eggs, still 5-6 eggs. Momma came back once, but left again when I got close.
But buzzards found them also, and she has no protection. Felt bad.
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Good Evening All!

WOW, this is a very busy thread when one has been out of it for a little bit. Glad to see L4N is back up and running. Prayers for mostly and buppies and any others I missed as I was speed reading through the missed posts. Glad Don got moved in and is learning to love the swimming pool.

Hope everyone has a great evening and wakes up ready to hit the ground running in the morning!

Prayers for our Nation!
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Poured first cup of coffee. 53° with clear skies this morning. Heading to 84° with mostly sunny skies. Did not mow grass yesterday. With the heat and no rain forecast for the next week. Thought grass would do better not being cut. Installed a float switch for garden pond pump. Going to neighbors for a Fathers Day party this afternoon.


Prayers and best wishes for everyone.

Good Morning All.
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Good morning and happy fathers day to all the fathers out there.
The low temperature is 48 and supposed to go to 73°F. Wind E 6 mph. A mix of sun and cloud.

If the wind swings around to out of the south, then I will turn the compost pile. If not then it isn't going anywhere. Just think, if I turn the compost pile then I will get dressed.

That is the only thing I have to do today.

Have a safe Fathers Day all