Good morning!!!!

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Good Morning!!!! 75F @ 4:00AM. A mix of clouds and sun. Hot. High 97F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph.

The very hot, dry, weather has led to many wildfire starts, the closest being the Apache Fire just south of Oroville, CA. It's at 650 acres with 0% containment and mandatory evacuations. West of there the Sites Fire has covered almost 20,000 acres and containment has reached 80%. So far, northerly winds have kept the air clean, but they have also led to very low humidity.

Stayed inside pretty much all day keeping out of the heat. Replaced some upgraded LED under counter lights with the original florescents, reverting them back to dumb wall switch controlled lights.

I think I'll wait one more day on the trailer, and just do more lighting downgrades instead.
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Good Morning.
65° with a high in the middle 80’s under a clear sky.
Yesterday was beautiful, high of 80, but breezy, 15-20mph winds all day.
But it was a productive day on the old folks home.



Best news was that all the plumbing that I put in was in the right place!

Things are already happening out there, the framing crew is hard at work.
It’s interesting that they are from Brazil, and speak Portuguese. Spanish is the most common language of construction workers around here, with most coming from Mexico or Guatemala. It’s also interesting what a small percentage of contractors have English as their first language.

Today will start for me with breakfast with the professor, then we will see what follows.
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Mowed a couple little areas yesterday, including the area I worked on mower by the barn. Last night I found a long socket extension laying in the grass. I had used to prop up bolts in the hole while I started a nut on other side. Glad mower didn’t find it.
I’ve always stood exterior walls with sheathing attached, but watch some YouTube videos that don’t.
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Morning all, 73 going up to 91 and sunny.
Very windy yesterday, lots of branches down.
Clutch issue on simplicity again, had to haul it back in with the tractor, I think it's fixable.

Today fix clutch and get some work done on table if time allows.

Popgadget -good progress!

Drew safe travels.

Be well,
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Don auto blinds what will they make next? Hope biopsy negative, prayers sent
Dr. called yesterday, it was negative, it was an Amalgam tattoo. Wife says cut looks good.

Good morning! 79˚ heading to the mid 90s with partly cloudy skies and south wind.
Opted for a swim yesterday evening instead of cards, very delightful.
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good morning, 71 going to 89 another nice day

going to pick up groceries

Worked a little on a stone wall in danger of falling over at the barn. Should be rebuilt but my shoulder is not in any shape to do that so limited it to what I could do with the excavator

Before and after pics

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Meeting the construction company soon for a quote on our roof damage where the tree punctured through. Since we are remote, costs are up, and we are in CA I'll bet the repair bill will be a whopper.

Yes, in about a 10 day stretch we went from 90F+ to a frost warning!

Everyone have a great day! Rigby will ... :LOL:
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Gear box works as it should. Now have a spare mower for the farm. Really need to straighten the bent hitch frame, get new blades. Not much here at the house to test it on, think my wife wants to keep the garden. 😂. Found some stuff along the field.
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79F and partly cloudy @ 11:30, calling for a high of 81F.

Big area of rain northwest of here heading in, probably be here in 30 - 45 minutes or so ... if it doesn't fall apart. Looking forward to a good soaking.

Went out back and collected up some stuff in the garden and brought it inside the garage, refilled right tank on the Cub and then drove it over to the barn.

Put up 2 Japanese Beetle traps first thing yesterday.

Then worked on getting Sunny Boy tomato plants weeded. Watered the area and then used the battery-operated B&D cultivator to loosen the soil. That's largely done except for the southern end of the row. Got it cleaned up enough to pin down the soaker hose and mulch about 2/3rds of the row.

Water Buffalo refilled and ready to go.

Ran down to corner hardware to pick up some more bush bean seeds. Found out the owner dumped Livingston seeds for a smaller selection of Burpee seeds ... and was completely out of all types of beans ... 🤬

Local garden center was already closed so that necessitated a 6 mile trip into Ace Hardware ... who had both Livingston seeds and bush beans ... (y)

Tallest Crimson Cushion tomato plant now about 48" tall, largest Trip-L-Crop plant is 57" tall. Lots of blossoms on all the tomatoes.

Pepper plants all popping and looking good.

Did not get any plant stakes cut yesterday, that's probably the next thing on the agenda for today.

Maybe get that trip to Menards in after I get cleaned up.

Possibly some time up in the shop later.

Hope everyone is having a decent Tuesday ... (y)