Good morning!!!!

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Good Evening.
74° now, high was 93. We had a brief shower as the edge of a cell passed us, but it looks like that’s all we are gonna see. Everything is parched out there. It’s been great for getting concrete and lumber trucks in and out, but not for keeping things green.


We are the blue spot south of Allentown.

Today I left early to spend some quality time with the FAA. There is no simulator for our turboprops, so I get to do check rides with them in the airplane.

I came home to a lot of progress, I could stand in our new living room and get a feel for the size. It’s actually, living, dining and kitchen. There is an island where the pvc is coming out of the floor, the back wall has two glass patio doors with transoms over them. In between them will be a fireplace.


It’s moving right along without me being here (which is probably a good thing for the guys doing the work).
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72F partly cloudy sky gentle breeze.

Been go outside day got everything done I want and little extra.
While trimming and mowing gray fox appeared sat down and watch me,while mowing front field Doe step from the woods gave straight on look :unsure: I think she had her newborn close by,after sweep shed I notice Boo sound to sleep on his blanket 30'away.

Plans for the evening share bowl ice cream while setting on the deck with feet up.

Enjoy your evening all.
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PT went ok, the therapist has narrowed it down to nothing that I didn't know already.... nerve issues, inflammatory response, and resultant swelling. "Not much we can do" Duh! That's why the surgeon sent me to you.... he doesn't know what's going on either!

I guess it's time to call the original surgeon again. The therapist recommended being evaluated by a nerve specialist. Need to get a referral. Can't wait to deal with the insurance company again.....
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Well, good (Thursday) arvo. Overnight Low of 2.4C and it's presently 13.3C, partly cloudy with a breeze. There was 1.5mm in the gauge @ 0730.

Early to rise today and performed 'gate preps' in anticipation of the lime spreading happening. And a good thing too as he showed up @ 0805. Short story is that all four properties (me + 3 others) were all done by 1130. A second spreader showed up during the 'operation', so he loaded up and got one the adjacent properties... then they both carried on to a further job at Scamander. The wind stayed very low during the spreading so practically all of it stayed on the ground.

Invoice will come later.

The weatherguessers are predicting a decent rain early Saturday morning. Yay!

That's about it, take care all.
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Good evening all. 78ºF for the start, mostly clear, light breeze Light to moderate wind, some brisk gusts, sky mostly clear early, more clouds later Some thunderstorms and rain evening, and high temp was 97ºF, HI 105ºF. Made coffee to start day, Men's meeting, office putter jobs, took weed eater for walk then hand trim around trees. Trip to town for lunch, meds, and groceries. Short nap, start in on posting.
Resuming Jun20 11 AM CDT post:
RS hope you got some rain. Glad eggplant is all planted, and valve clearance set. Hope you get the bolt back without too much frame modification. Hope rest of day went well.
Bill sorry no license for a while.
David sorry you missed H&F, hope you got some mowing in.
Drew glad inspection station got you all fixed up, and you get your cooler morning for oil change. Hope watering went well.
Ken chains do require clean and lube :)
Drew blinker fluid is not good chain lube ;)
Drew most likely grid is getting used fully.
Scott(vt) 8 more degrees to go to feel Texas heat.
Drew sorry about the heat, nice haul from garden.
Frits good job on grease fitting, nice truck :)
NHBX that pic is just a dream here.
Bill I try to get outside work done by noon. Stay inside for the afternoon.
Don neat gadget.
Randy(wag) glad meetings went well, sorry about trip being a bust. Glad you got some cheese. Hope next meeting went well.
Kyle hope you had a good vacation, nice to hear good rain. Missed out here. Rain came within a couple of miles.
June 21 3:35 AM CDT
Ron sorry about upset stomach wiping out day. Hope Friday was better for you. Nice tiger lilies.
Bill hope you found your sign and got it mounted.
Drew hope trip to NC was good. Great to hear a/c in RV working!! Heater working?
Phil temps lot more normal for you. Hope exterior paint job goes well. Nice projects from the wood shop.
NHBX sorry no rain from the boomers, glad grocery shopping went well. Hope you found something to do.
Drew was never any good with how relationships in family work.
Buppies sorry about no rain and continued dusty. prayers sent.
Mike sorry about location and intensity of bee sting. Hope you were able to get more whacking done.
Paul thanks for the confirmation. Did you mean the #2 GI275 as a MFD?
Paul sorry about the heat, hope everything got moved, shingles got removed and water changed.
Plowhog hope trip to NV went smoothly. Hope HI not too bad.
Ken glad serving table coming along. Let's see, teenagers waking up before noon, not likely :)
Dennis good to hear garden doing well. Hope you work something out in your budget for a building. How is mowing to be done at your dad's?
Scott(vt) one more thing about Texas heat, it goes on almost all summer, not much interrupts it :( Hope the grands visit was good, sorry dinner plans cancelled. Sorry about leaving suitcase behind :(
Frits hope you are making progress on tree planting area. Please shar pic from D.
Ted thank for report on dripping system.
Dennis hope you find cooler day for gearbox install. Was the AI song the sound track for the video?
Ron hope they did a good job on road. Glad you can wait to do shopping and beat the rain when mowing complete.
Drew glad you got some help with RV and car detailing. Hope lake Drew disappears faster now.
Ted hope you get some good from Alberto, he missed North Texas :( Glad you got some more rain Wednesday. Sorry about RV dents, glad no serious damage to property. Sorry about power outage. Glad generator picked up slack.
RS frame mode looks good, hope paint turn out ok. Lowered hitch piece looks a bit gnarly. Hope rest of Friday went well.
Ted sorry about youngest son.
David hope mowing progressing or done at this point. Sorry about brain scramble.
Scott(vt) it would be wiser not to smoke it at all.
David I am wondering if tablet has horsepower to video edit.
Randy(wag) Hope meeting went well, and lime gets applied soon.
Dennis is that meme for Paul (popgadget) ?
Bill glad you found sign and road not busy Hope mounting went well.
Buppies hate to hear about you hydration issues and very low BS. Mix some original V8 (for electrolytes) with water (1 or 2 cans V8 per day). Mickey Mouse trick question, he is a mouse :) prayers sent.
Plowhog glad friend is doing better,
Bill was thinking trailers were longer than what they are.
June 22 3:30 AM CDT posts:
Ron glad you got mowing done. Hope you got the pond maintenance done. Neat moon pic
NHBX sorry about no lunch. Hope yard work went well. Good to see heat back off.
Thomas hope you got your no rain day.
Bill thank for the explanation on hauling double trailers.
Drew hope you made the picnic. Sorry about step brother not getting past St. Louis. Drew maybe with wife and 2 dogs it was easier to just go home.
Paul sorry roofers no show. Hope the tweaks help system do it's thing.
Bill sorry about rain.
Drew hope you survived the sweaty hug :)
Scott(vt) hope rain/storms missed the concert. Get my TV through cable company.
Plowhog hope you got chores done before the heat of the day. Great Rigby pic
Drew hope the ice chest helps.
Mike good to hear you are hydrating. Sorry wife cannot handle the heat, hope pool time was good
Frits glad you could sleep in. Nice excavator has A/C in cab.
Frits having 3 teenagers was bad enough Don't want to imagine 11.
Don good to hear you ae adding electrolytes. Hope this is last mow at old house.
Buppies good to hear you are take salt tablets, would be better if electrolyte tablet. Good luck with smart TV
Ken looking good so far. Hope son is ready for class
Engineer good pic
RS Glad Cub fired right up. Good to hear watering getting done. Hope new brackets wok on seat. Glad garden growing. Hope rest of day went well.
More catch up later
prayer for all, especially Jay/Peg, Kyle /Daughter, /mom's breathing, /son's migraines, Bird /aging issues, Ron /heart, Billy /mom hypertension & congestive heart failure, David(moss) /remodel, /divorce, Buppies /cancer, parathyroid,blood sugar /wife healing, Thomas /gout, Phil /reflux, Frits /veteran son with mental issues, /granddaughter with Evans Syndrome, Ken /dad possible dementia, /chronic fatigue, Diet not working, Steppenwolfe /son-auto immune disorder, Grev /wife's eye, Ted /knee recovery, /retirement & disability red tape, /family issues, Lou /eye issues, /heart issues, /wife hip replacement, Doug and wife/health issues, / hand nerve and surgery, /fall and recovery, / wife headaches and heart eval, / David(sadamo)/Sophie's hip or leg pain, Scaredy/shoulder dislocation, /marriage dissolving, / friend stop drinking, Dennis /retirement, /neighbor issues, /land development, /favorable winds not in the forecast there, /dad surgery recovery, Drew /back operation issues, /friend's wife cancer diagnosis and recovery, Scotty /back pain, Helogabals /wife's friend situation, Fatjay /father broken hip, Israel, Ukraine war, and Country.


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RNG, nope not that simple, I wish. Fuel guage been misreading since I purged tank. Jim disconnected when troubleshooting. He jumped the connector, sometimes will read full, then go to empty when stalling sequence happens. Sometimes it just stays on empty.