Good morning!!!!

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The ToDo List still has a couple dozen items on it, Don. And in these temperatures, it's not gonna get much shorter.

Still haven't decided on how to approach the sale, but I'll have some time down south to work something out.

Hope your escrow closes without any hitches.
The closing went well on the old house last week. But the week before closing sure was stressful, not knowing for sure if the closing would really happen. When things are clicking along too well you start expecting glitches.
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Way behind on reading posts, everyone is really busy! Great puppy pics, waterfalls, projects, etc...
Eventually I'll get caught up.....
That means you are working and we aren't.
Glad twister didn't get you, as much as we all love that game..

Son Not Guilty in court, Cop didn't show.
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85F clouds here and there.

Been good day...ash tree cut and clean up area rake,bigger chainsaw once again reminded me may tadpole days are no longer. :( thank goodness for front loader :) trying to get those BIG chucks out of the woods would have been 🙄

Plans for the evening...Mrs. has something cooking on bbq grill smells darn good,afterwardss set on the deck feet up waiting for critters and stars enjoying smooth cigar.

Enjoy your evening all.