Good morning!!!!

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If Bill lived here he could be driving a golf cart in the neighborhood which includes a clinic, physical therapy, 2 restaurants, bar, convince store, bank, post office, gas station, Walgreens, real estate office, swimming pools, activities center, etc....

Good morning! 70˚F heading to the mid 90s W wind becoming a E wind. No rain for next 10 days, irrigation system on for our once a week allotment. Glad we got that inch of rain last week but we still feel cheated that Beryl did not give us a drop of rain.

Sitting under the veranda with kitty Hospice he really likes napping all day under the table outside.

Several projects to do - need to test the new ring doorbell out today and if it does not detect motion and give us an alert it will have to be returned also. Spent another hour with customer support yesterday rebooting/checking settings and it worked while on the phone but stopped when I tested it later. If I have to take it back I will have to buy a different brand and loose my half year of paid service that I had left over from the old house. I will also have to find compatible plug in cameras.

Scotty I have not done German for months, I'm a drop-out. Just too much stuff going on to have a clear learning environment.
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Good Morning!!!! 55F @ 5:15AM. Areas of fog early, then partly cloudy this afternoon. High near 75F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph.

Take a look at the work being done at Blacktail Studio, Ken. He publishes Reels on Facebook pretty frequently detailing the finishes he uses on his huge table tops, and he uses a ton of two part epoxy.

Hope the RV cylinder is truly fixed, Drew.

Got the grass cut yesterday, and moved the metal lathe to what I hope will be its permanent position. First step in shuffling tools around to get up and running again. More shuffling today.
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Drew, if I took the tire chains off the Kioti, I could drive that into town on the roads legally. It isn't worth it for the aggravation factor of putting the chains back on in fall. Another month or so and I should be back on the road with a license. I hope.

txdon, if I lived there, the hospital stay would have bankrupted me. I do understand what you are saying.
My little piece of heaven costs me $1200.oo/year in property taxes for a 1456 sq.ft. house with a full unfinished basement on 5 acres of well treed property. I am a mile and a half outside of town where there is 1 bank, 1 gas station, 1 liquor store and 1 beer store as well as a C-store and a grocery store AND a pot shop. All the essentials are covered.
There is also a medical center with two quacks and a vampire comes twice a month.
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Water softener salt tank is overflowing again. Time to take the plate apart and check the gasket.

Son got home about 6 am from his big adventure. I was up till after 3 am.
More sleep planned today. Might do Costco run, but low probability.
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Morning all, 80 going to 94 and cloudy, no end in sight to the heat.
Did get a coat of varnish on the back of the table yesterday.

RNG, I will look at the videos in a bit. He makes some wild tables.

Might just do a coat of varnish on the top and call it a day.
The logistics to do the resin are quite complex. Maybe when I have more time.
The resin I have is supposedly good for 6 months. Would need to build a conforming mold to go under and around the table, 7' long and 24" wide. Not enough time to do this before it needs to be ready.

With no rain, will need to do some watering. They are calling for rain tonight, but then again they called for rain last night, and we just got humidity.

Drew - glad they could fix the cylinder

BEF - hope you find out what is wrong with the water softener. Sounds like son had fun on his big adventure. I have done some road ralleys, sounds similar.

Be well,

New guard frog at front door taking care of bugs.

Dramatic sky last night.
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good morning, hot again today and no rain

podiatrist appointment this morning

watering again very dry around here

D left for another trip

Not able to get an early appointment for Cody but will call for cancelations so hopefully soon
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Hope nothing serious wrong with Cody

Hope you and pup have great day wngsprd and vet is gentle

Still in SC antibiotic doing number on me

Wife and son gone for walk very cloudy rained a couple of times

Hope water softener fix not too difficult BEF

Prayers for all silent or spoken our Country