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I think it would be easier to train the cat to close the door after someone uses it than to get teenagers to do it when they are done.
That is true. We had teenagers slamming the bathroom doors in the middle of the night.

They were a little upset when they got up one morning and found the door gone and a black out curtain in it's place. They were a little more respectful after that.

Middle son refused to lift the toilet seat. I warned him up front that if I find that he p#ssed all over the toilet seat again, he was gonna find it gone. (Should have learned his lesson over the door).

Well he got home from work (19yo) the toilet seat was gone. It was two weeks before I installed another seat, and we refused to allow him to use our bathroom.

The breaker box happened to be in the master bedroom. With teenagers in the house that is a bloody awesome and must have feature. No more leaving every light on in the house and cooking a 4 course meal at 2am because they couldn't be bothered to eat with the family. God that used to tick us off to have the kitchen cleaned before going to bed and finding it thrashed and a sink full of caked up dishes when we got up in the AM.

I just kept a little mini flashlight next to the bed, and put a neon dot next to the appropriate breakers.

I shut the kitchen stove and microwave breakers off when I went to bed at night. All of a sudden, they started making requests for dinner and eating with us again

And if I woke up in the middle of the night to find every light on in the house, I just flipped the breakers No more fighting with the rabid she beast (Daughter).

She brought up that place shortly after she was married. Said she hated it because of all the electrical issues it had Wife and I busted out laughing and finally told her that we just quit fighting with her and started shutting off breakers instead

Her husband was choking he was laughing so hard