Hand sprayer for garlon + diesel

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Nov 25, 2016
Santa Cruz Mountains CA, Southern OR
Branson 3725H Deere 5105
I've been using a cheap 1 gallon sprayer to spray Garlon in diesel. It's good for killing cut stumps of species that resprout, and basal applications on poison oak. But it killed my sprayer. Anyone know of a sprayer that can handle it?
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I had the same issue. The diesel degrades the plastic pump mechanism. I've never had it hurt the tank itself however. I did some research and did not like the pricing on the metal sprayers that would have held up.

Now I just remove the the central pump mechanism between uses and leave the topless sprayer container on the ground (between two cinder blocks so it is unlikely to get knocked over) in an out of the way corner with some plastic over the top of it held in place with a giant twist tie. So far the 10 gallon tank sprayer has lasted three seasons despite the garlon/diesel in it.