Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

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I bought the cheap briefcase tool set to keep in the house, where little force is needed for most repairs. Its ok so far, in a few uses over several years. I go fetch my real shop tools for heavier stuff - nailing, plumbing etc.

And I got the cheap $10 combo socket set, to leave in the open-air shop workbench where various farm laborers eat lunch and I thought something might disappear. It has served ok for light work except the ratchet which was junk. I took the first set back for exchange, when that second ratchet failed immediately I substituted in an old Taiwan ratchet that continues to work fine. This set is used mostly with the Ryobi 1/4" hex mini-impact driver, it's convenient for that. But I get out the real tools for heavier work.

Incidentally I never realized how much I was missing without an air nailgun before I bought an old Porter-Cable at the flea market. Wow. I don't know if HF's are as good but I would buy one today if I didn't already have this. Photo of a recent project. Nailing in tight spaces, as I scabbed on doublers to the rotted stair stringers, would have been impossible without this. Everybody needs a nailgun! :)
If that PC nailer breaks down, you may still be able to get parts online. I have two PC bradnailers and a roofing nail gun, all have had the plastic pistons replaced. As for HF. I have the Bauer 20V narrow crown stapler and a standard size air stapler for chores like securing insulation.