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I have not used any granulated fertilizer in a couple years now. I foliar inoculate with out of date DEF and 24D (B) mixed in the sprayer. I can buy out of date DEF from local retailers (truck related retailers in 300 gallon IBC totes) that when empty, I return and so far it's worked well and much less expensive than granulated.

Works fine for me. Easy to store as well. DEF is nothing more than urea and deionized water and it has an use by date as well. The percentage of urea in solution varies but it's usually around 28 to 30% by volume so I cut it back to around 20% before I apply it and I'll fertilize between every cut and dress it in the fall before it snows here. Sure makes the alfalfa go to town.
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I just got news that mushroom compost is now $50/triaxle. I think they’re trying to cover some fuel costs.
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Knocking more down for rounds on Saturday. Over cast and drizzling
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The hurricane failed me. Never received more than a trace of rain over the 2 days. The urea portion is treated so hopefully some will remain for the next attempt which is Sunday night through Tuesday. Glad I didn't spread urea on pastures. More I watched the models the more concerned I got. Even had tornado warnings and a possible one few miles away. 3 miles from me was the rain line.

It hurt's your feelings, at least it does mine but it hasn't got back to the Covid era price .
May 2021

11-52-0/ $725 up from $420

19-19-19/ $577 up from $395

46-0-0/ $550 up from $407

0-0-60/ $470 up from $370

Delivery and treating urea stayed the same

April 2022

19-19-19 Bulk $1019/tn
Bag $1064/tn

Urea Bulk $1066/tn

Urea treatment $72/tn
Delivery $16/tn

This was Aug. 2022

Urea $765
Potash $895
19-19-19 $859
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We got maybe an inch of showers Friday and raining today, so we are going to get out of town Saturday (today) & Sunday and head to Kent Island, MD to my buddy’s boat.

Fertilizer prices are still really hurting us. The economy feels like it’s slowing down contrary to what the “news” says. My fertilizer delivery prices really haven’t gone up much and it feels like they aren’t trying to take advantage of me for delivery.

Are you getting overrun with wire grass? I have it pretty bad this year in my higher/hilly ground, but soil testing results look good?
Reeds Canary prominent in flood plains as it usually is.
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We sure do. :)

The funny thing is, he doesn’t say anything helpful and just continues to throw rocks at a huge sector of American Agriculture.
And for what reason? Immature jealousy? 🤷‍♂️