Help me value my 70's L1850

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Jul 19, 2004
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I need to come up with a value for a trade I might be doing. I have no idea how to price this older tractor. It is weathered from sitting outdoors in its early life. But it runs perfectly and is fully functional. Starts every time, even after sitting for a year. Has a bucket in front, and a blade in the back. Handles any snow I can throw at it. How can I get an approximate value?


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Apr 5, 2002
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Rough range would be $5-7K depending on the hours on the meter. Also if it has no leaks, and fading paint is the only issue, maybe sand and paint would maybe get a bit more. More results here:

I had a L175DT FEL and BH I tore down and restored, replaced tires, all the hoses, had it sandblasted and professionally painted then reassembled back in 2009. I did a trade/barter with a guy that built my barn (labor and materials for tractor value of $10K). So he got a good deal, and I got a barn then bought a new B21 TLB.

Also the back blade today is $1000 range so maybe you could ask $8 and settle for 6-7K