Help me value my Case IH 585 for sale

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Dec 31, 2021
Southwest VA
2022 Kubota M7060, 2014 LS XR3032, 1987 Case IH 585 4wd, BCS 853 w/ 26" tires
I am ready to sale my Case IH 585 tractor now. I am hoping that folks who have thoughts on what they think this tractor is worth will give me feedback.

I have had it for about a year. I bought it for $16,700 including delivery. I have since put about $2,000 into it (in parts, not including labor).

What I have done:
- Changed all fluids and filters. Changed the hydraulic fluid twice, the second time flushed it out with diesel fuel, and it is now clean and clear.
- Front rims have been replaced with heavy duty ones.
- Went through the shifter assembly and now it shifts very easily.
- Fixed the brake pedal latch for left and right pedals, and now it does not slip out. Also fixed the clutch pedal hinge point, which was worn out.
- Have had the fuel tank out multiple times, and it has not leaked since the last time I took it out a few months ago.
- Just replaced inner and outer tire rods, the battery, the power steering seals, the PTO seal.
- Added the canopy to the tractor.
- The tractor was repainted before I got it, and I have touched it up and painted some things black.

Some issues:
- The wiring harness for the tractor is in need of repair or replacement.
- The RPM gauge works, but the other gauges do not work.
- The front wheel drive switch was working but is not at the moment, so tractor is stuck in 4wd.
- The hour meter does not work because the wire was cut at around 1,800 hours.
- The only leak on the tractor comes out of the top of the transmission. The plate needs to be removed and sealed, only leaks during operation.

The parking brake works great.

About the pictures:
These pictures were taken before I painted the rear wheels black, to match the front wheels. I will also be setting the rear wheels in from 88" to 80" outside. Before I changed the front rims, the front wheel spacing was set out to 84" outside.


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Jan 25, 2013
Based on a quick search and what is wrong with it 15 to 20 but closer to the lower end of the scale