Rotary Cutter Help with Rotary Cutter. Clutch issue?



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Jan 28, 2009
upstate South Carolina, Greenville
Kubota M6800, Massey Ferguson 240
I have a Woods BB 72 rotary cutter. It wasn’t cutting well last year, and smoking from the clutch, so I dismantled the clutch, found the two disc pads to be shot, so I replaced them. Also cleaned up the metal surfaces. My buddy used it for the first time today, tested it on an area with short grass, and it seemed to cut fine. But when he started cutting thick grass several feet high, it stopped cutting and started smoking badly from the clutch. The gearbox seems to be spinning freely and feels smooth, and the gear oil looks good. I’m hoping that maybe I just need to tighten the clutch pressure plate bolts. Perhaps it’s just too loose? The instructions were a little vague as far as setting the pressure. Does this sound right? Anything else that I should look at? By the way, just put on new blades also so they are brand new. Thanks for any advice.

I know it needs to be able to slip under a heavy impact, but maybe I just didn’t tighten it enough. I hope it’s that simple.