Homemade Hydrolic Brush Cutter/ Land Clearing attachment for Bobcat

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Oct 6, 2008
You'll do O.K....not great, but you can do a good bit of work with it.
It's more of a "Get it spinning up, and then rush in till it stalls"

Even on my JD 240 with 15 gpm it's better, but still not like a gear drive on a tractor (as mentioned above).

Hi grass is the worst for loading, with brush, there's a allot more
of air in between stalks, to keep the disc spun up, and it works better.

Sometimes when cutting brush, I find it better to lift it up, and then drop it
down on the brush cutting the thinnest branches first as it comes down.
Also, my JD seems to take the oil coming from the lift cylinders, and re-use
it to the motor, I get a bit more speed doing this maneuver.

Also, many times the edge of a field (where the brush is) brush is there because
someone piled rocks there. Going straight in, you will hit them every time.
Dropping down, you will remove the tops, and see the hazard before
you hit it.

Here's mine, note I went with an open design (no regrinding/mulching) and only 4' wide,
because of my limited flow.
Bobcat 642 Trimming brush along treeline - YouTube
And some pictures:
Thrash-A-Matic 1. - YouTube

I've since made version 2.0, no video yet, but some pictures:
Thrash-A-Matic 2. - YouTube
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Aug 25, 2013
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Interesting machine. But I'm guessing the OP sorted it out sometime in the past 7 years. ;-p