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Feb 1, 2001
Honda H5518A4
Just purchased a used H5518A4 with approx 200 hrs on the meter. Not a big tractor, but certainly enough for me to do some basic landscaping and other projects that are a bit beyond the 12 hp garden tractor I had.

So far I've found that snowblowing and snowplowing puts little or no strain on this unit. I plowed into 8 -10 inches of snow and drove it forward about 8-9 feet before the wheels started to spin. The 4w/steering allows this thing to turn on a dime. I'm pretty impressed - but then again, I'm new to the utility tractor world.

This thing came with a brush hog, snowblower, plow, belly mower, sweeper, and Curtis heated cab. Also has front/rear hydraulics and front/rear PTO (540 rpm cat 0) and a complete mechanics set of manuals. The best original cost info put my price for all the equipment at about 50% original retail.

According to the local Honda service rep, parts are going to be available for some time, but ya gotta dig around to find the Honda attachments. This guy raved about this unit. Another dealer thought they were a little underpowered compared to JD and Kubota low end units - but said they were "built like a tank".

Anyone have any experience with these? There's little or no information on the web. Any good/bad reports/reviews are welcome....

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I have taking a spin on one before w/mower...sure felt odd w/ that type of steering. /w3tcompact/icons/crazy.gif

Does your model have the high Rops?

I seen them w/ the rear scoop,but can one purchase a FEL?

Welcome to the board and enjoy your new investment.

Thomas..NH /w3tcompact/icons/wink.gif
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This particular model can take a front end loader and has ROPS. If I can, I may look into getting one in the future... When I asked the local dealer about the Honda factory loader for the unit - he sorta hmmph'd and told me that it was a couple hour project to put the thing on. The downside of this unit is that the belly mower uses a belt/pulley mount off the ft. pto, and takes about 45 min to 1hr to hook up. You can't use your blade once you mount the mower. There's a picture of one at - search on Honda then 5518.

From what I can gather - Kubota and JD pretty much knocked Honda out of the small tractor market. Honda being it's usual self, was pricey and got it's but kicked in the market.

The 4 wheel steering is odd at first, but once you get used to it you get brave enough to wheel around in high gear. The 4ws also looks to be great for mowing. I've got a little under an acre lawn, and will be clearing another 1/2 to 3/4 acre for fruit trees, garden and shed. I've also got tons of good ole New England flat ledge field stone all around the property -soon to be dragged and set for walks and patio.

If my wife and kids let me - I might even get around to doing these things ;)