How bad is it to store tractor outside?

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Jul 5, 2010
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Just got a Kubota B9200. It's apprearance is already fairly weathered. I am tight for garage space. How bad would it be to store it outside? Would putting a tarp help. BTW, I'm in western PA.
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Most tractors are going to be fine outside. if your worries are for the paint and looks just wax. I wax mine weekly, It is a great excuse to check for loose bolts, frayed wires and other maintanence issues. I currently use a costco car tent to store my hedge mower and tractor. Was only $150.00 has worked well for the last two years with little signs of wear. I do still want a garage and have hopes of building one in the next year or so. I cant seem to dry the tractor out to the point were i would like in the winter as I live in a very wet climate.
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They are made for outdoors. The paint and plastics will fade and crack from sunlight damage, but mechanically it wont hurt a thing to set outside. Just watch the oil for presence of water due to condensation. If you put a sun shade canopy on it that will help protect the console and seat a bit from weathering, the rest of the finish is basically like a cheap car paint job, it will fade, but you can always have it repainted.
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I wouldnt put a tarp over it, that likely would cause more damage than good from trapping condensate under there with your tractor. IF you cant store it under a shed or inside a building, flip over your seat to help protect the rubber (assuming the set will fold over) and leave it in the open away from areas that shedding leaves will gather.
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I dont know where you bought your tractor but where i got mine they all sit outside in the has been said paint will fade but it will work just the same.
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I cover mine with a canvas tarp I got from ace, unlike a plastic tarp these breath an wont cause moisture to build up under the tarp. this will save what you have left of your paint, waxing will help also.I see tractors an equipment of all kinds outside here in Ga. its common. I think if you care for your stuff as I do you'll cover it when ever possible.
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Storing a tractor outdoors maybe ones only choice. The squirrels and mice like it as it makes a nice winter home and the wiring is a nice change of diet. Water likes to get in and freeze, mess with the electronics and mix with fuel and hydraulic oil. Sun likes it other posts have spoken about this. Criminals like it as they can see it and get to. From what I can tell, me and everyone that has a 5X10 tractor have the same key. Leaves like it, it amazes me the places they can get into.

It does not need to be anything fancy. I have mine in a home made building, metal roof and stall mats for a floor.
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I won't store mine outside. I find it too harsh on the investment I made to let the weather take its toll on the finish and parts. True, the dealer has them out for show but that is because they don't have showroom large enough and want them on display.

Just me, but mine gets parked inside. Started out a meager shelter with only a roof. Gradually became a shed with roof, sides, gas heater (if needed), garage door and a reasonable place to work for routine maintenance.

The JD 4300 is 12 yrs old, and doesn't look much different from when it was new. I work to keep it that way as I like the "new" look. :)
And I don't have a problem with those who do not. I don't figure they are "bad" (whatever that might mean).