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Sep 27, 2005
I'm sure this has been hashed-out in the past (although I couldn't find a thread using the search utility)...
How do you clean a mower deck of built-up crud? I bought my Simplicity Legacy in the spring as a demo (just laid sod in the front yard and seeded the back yard so I haven't had a need for the mower yet). I noticed that it had been used to mow with but didn't realize exactly how much crud was built-up. Are there any cleaners that will loosen-up this stuff so that I can scrape it off? I've heard others warn against using a powerwasher, but could one be used if you cover-up the important areas (if so, what areas would those be)? This is going to be my winter project in the basement but I wanted to get some opinions.

Thanks in advance.
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I have been mowing with a Scagg and after each use, I use a power washer to clean it up. I am careful not to get the motor wet and I regrease any fitting that was washed. If some paint comes off, I figure that it was not applied correctly from the factory and would be rusting underneath anyway. I just apply some primer and touch it up at the end of the season. If you start scraping the old buildup, you will probably introduce scratches and new rust.
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I still think a power washer, or even a garden hose spray nozzle if you have enough water pressure, is the best way to clean one, and I don't worry too much about getting any water in the wrong place. I just wash everything as well as possible, but then run it long enough to dry everything and grease any grease fittings.

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This is the way that I have always cleaned my deck. Don't know if it's the best way, but my lawn tractor deck has lasted 12 years without a sign of rust, nor loss of paint. Once a year (usually late Autumn), I scrape the deck bottom with a hard plastic (it may be teflon) putty knife. I don't get it absolutely clean (don't want to scrape the paint off), but it gets the big stuff off. I figure that dirt is OK, but clods are not (moisture holders).
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Last year a gentleman pull into the car wash in his pick,and with a hand full of quarters he wash..rinse..wax the mower deck,yep I to talk a walk over and notice for he did a great cleaning job. [shock]
Oh yes he also had to wash his pick up afterwards. /w3tcompact/icons/laugh.gif
So maybe a good pressure washer the answer for you. /w3tcompact/icons/wink.gif

Hope you have a pleasant weekend.

Thomas..NH /w3tcompact/icons/wink.gif
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Me, I never use water. Compressed air, scrape if necessary. Repaint with half used spray cans any color scratched or not. My deck has lasted almost 40 years.