How to flush / unclog Kubota L3301 fuel system

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Jan 1, 2018
Shelbyville, TN
Kubota L3301 / Ford 555E
While working the other week I had my [AFFILIATE=1, nofollow=true, newwindow=true, title="Kubota"]Kubota[/AFFILIATE] L3301 died while running. When trying to restart it turned over but would not fire. After letting it sit for a few mins it would restart and have the same issue intermittently. After investing, I found out the fuel line from the tank to the petcock was clogged.

I made a how-to video for removing the clog and flushing the tank, hopefully it helps someone out. Going forward I will be using a screen on the tank when filling, I thought my drum fuel system would stay clean enough but guess not. Call your local dealer to find a one if anyone is looking.

If anyone has questions on the repair let me know!