Hydraulic fluid.

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My Kubota mx5100 manual calls for engine oil change every 200 hours and hydraulic oil every 400 hours. It has hst trans.
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Not sure what kind of hydraulic fluid you are buying but that is way overpriced. And I guess you dont know about thinning hydraulic fluid?
(3) pails of Shell Rotella HD, $78 a pail before tax, factor in gas to go get it from Napa close pretty close to $300 for it.

I guess if you're running the $25 dollar a pail Rural King, TSC hydraulic water fluid you might as well change it every 100 hours though. I prefer to run something not at the bottom of the barrel in pricing & quality however.

As for thinning of of the fluid, eh, the hydraulic oil in the 23 year old Deere 770 seems to work as great over this weekend as it did 10 years ago since it's never been changed. Just an oil change once a year on it and some grease is all it ever receives.

What does your manual say about changing the hydraulic fluid? I really doubt it says 100 hours between each change.

Even the engine oil is like 250 hour interval across most brands.

Actually I've never seen that recommendation published in the service info for any tractor.
Care to share a source for this "pretty common" drain interval guidance?

I'll have to admit, I was incorrect on my Kioti info.

It's fluid change at 50 hours, then at 400, then every 400 hours after that.

But I'd like to see what tractor CUC has as well that states it needs a complete fluid change every 100 hours.
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The one I was referring to for that number was my Mitsubishi since it is probably the closest (and newest, I'd have to look it up for the JD). However, you did make me question my memory so I double checked.

Specifically for my Mitsubishi it states a replacement at 200 hours, however it shows fluid inspections at 100 hours and filter/strainer inspections every 50hrs (which requires draining all the fluid).

So I split the difference and do it every 100 hours since I run it as diesel (in conjunction with a huge amount more hydraulic fluid from construction equipment), draining is a hassle. I have about 120 gallons sitting around that still passes fluid tests for the equipment it was from.

However, in respect to the OP's original question, it is 600 hours for New Holland Workmaster 40 tractor. So I would guess it is specced against a synthetic hydraulic fluid and one should usually go by what their maintenance schedule says.
View attachment 15334_WORKMASTER 35 - 40 Operators Manual - Maintanance Schedule.pdf
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IMHO when the hyd fluid starts to get dark that
is the time to change. Can you imagine changing
the fluid in your rear axle on your pickup truck every
20,000 miles? We never changed the axle fluid unless
we changed gears or replaced a wheel bearing!

A lot of guys will not change the fluids in their cars/trucks/tractors and take them into the dealer.
More cost for you if you do that but I really don't see
changing hydro fluids unless they are getting dark!
I prefer synthetic fluids as the best and they will last

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I have a NH workmaster 40 hydro tractor with 130 hours on it.When I checked the fluid level I noticed it was slightly darker and not as clear as it was.Is this a problem?ShoulI change fluid this soon or am I just being paranoid?Thanks

If it looks brown and milky you have water in it and should change it right away. I haven't noticed tractor hydraulic fluid looking any different when it's due for a change vs. when it was new unless it got water in it or something seriously overheated the oil. I can't say about hydrostatic tractor transmissions but regular gear drive tractors typically call for the hydraulic fluid to be changed every 1000-1200 hours or so, and that is with regular petroleum based oil.

For the guys discussing engine oil change intervals, newer tractors using the preferred kind of oil often go 500-600 hours between changes. Mine is 500 hours with the recommended oil (JD Plus 50 II), 250 hours with any CK-4 diesel engine oil. My Dad has a New Holland that can go 600 hours with their specific oil. The commentary from the manufacturers regarding this is that the near-elimination of sulfur from the diesel fuel around 2010 greatly extended drain intervals compared to what they used to be with high sulfur fuel.
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