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Feb 19, 2007
saskatchewan Canada
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around my acerage wanted a forklift, had a small Toyota 3000 pound lift but it was a bummer in the yardso traded it for a Hyster diesel old machine

thinking its a D50 will get a few pictures and hopefully someone can help identify.

this thing runs not bad, 3 stage but a low mast the issue was no brakes so a project and so it begins

removing duel wheels was a chore, outside wheels are held on by nuts, the nuts are threaded onto spuds that then hold the inside wheels, both inside wheels are flat, valve stem is not accessable from outside. have 4 of these spuds with nut stuck on the wheels, not sure how to get them aoart at this time

after removing the wheels, then a carrier bolted to hub you remove the drum, then the spindle those cone washers were a pain removed the bearing nuts anf finally the hub, the inner brake parts were rusted solid, plus backing plate was rotted thro in places.

finally after a week I have the left side back together I can start the right side, this I will take some pictures as it progresses

looking back 2 weeks in should have kept the Toyota
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here is a few pictures of the forklift project, Im thinking its a D50 but dealer is little help unless I have serial which has long since rotted away by the seat, if anyone can identify model that would be great


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left side back together, here is the backing plate the area the cylinder was mounted was rotted away, figured we were in luck as it has a part number but nothing cross referenced to any available part so we plasma cut several plates and rebuilt the cylinder area, cable was so rusted it was like removing a solid bar


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now the right side, the backing plate has not rusted thro which is good but the cylinder is way off alignment with the shoe slot, looks like the backing plate is badly bent up, best guess like the other side at some time wire, strapping or anything that could wind its way between the backing plate and frame just packed so hard it shoved the plate over, as you see its pushing the shoe away from the plate and will cause the cylinder to apply braking at a angle.

still have 3 of the wedge washers to remove, thus far not a hint of moving, penetrating oil, hammer, pneumatic chisel has no effect on them


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quick update, picture did not show it but the 3 pads where a brake shoe sits against the backing plate 2 had worn thro on the bottom shoe, this caused the shoe to sit at a angle inside the drum, not sure how it got this bad, shoes are like new other than rust and everything is rusted badly.

the pads I built up with weld, on this side purchased a new cylinder, the emergency cable was torched off along with the brake line at the backing plate, they also torched the hole where you adjust the brakes though the adjuster was rusted solid.

after a few hours welding on the plate, grinding flat wire brushing and emery cloth all parts were free again, picked up a second brake cable and put the right side back together.

next the emergency brake, not good the hand knob on the lever was rusted solid, trying to loosen it sheared the knob off, the assembly was rusted solid so ground the welds the adjusting tube is welded to, this freed the adjusting slide, chucked the adjusting slide in lathe and drilled out the threaded rod the knob should be attached to,

after a ton of wire brush re tapped the adjusting slide, mounted back in the assembly, clamped the tube back in place and welded the sided back onto the tube, regarding the tube, it was double crimped on the adjusting screw so the knob was trapped, I had to grind off the crimp to remove the bushing, after making a new bushing I pressed it into the tube, only down side if you unscrew the knob you can screw it all the way out the assembly.

the adjusting knob I chucked, drilled out the sheared threaded shaft and threaded it for a length of 5/16 unc rod, drilled from the side to lock it in place with a set screw.

quite a fight to get cables into place threw away the old clips that held the cables, original cables are no longer available so got something close, made a split bushing out of aluminum, turned the outer cable sheath to fit the split bushing and mounted it in the assembly.

presto I now have functioning emergency brakes on both wheels.

tomorrow weather permitting will adjust the brakes at the wheels, mount the new master brake cylinder, have to make up 3 lines two to the wheels and the one to a tee from the master cylinder, bleed and should have real brakes once more, may even be driving by the weekend.

looking on the intake there is a line from a pump, looks like it sprays diesel into the throat and a spark plug to fire it, never seen such a contraption before

also wish I had some sort of electrical diagram and a hydraulic diagram, Hyster can do nothing to help without a serial number which long rusted away


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The fuel spray and igniter sounds like an intake air preheater for cold weather starting.
Those brakes are almost as bad as a Dynahoe 190-4 were you have to dissassemble the planetary drive to remove the hub and brake drum.
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That looks very similar to my H50H, almost like someone welded fender flares on for duals. Most image searches show dual models with bigger steer tires, don't know what you have there.
I've got a folder with all kinds of .pdf manuals; electrics and hydraulics should be similar for everything that era, one would think.
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hi flyerdan, I believe its a 50 or 60, the mast is a short 3 stage must have been used for containers or similar, maybe mining in the past life.

the wide fenders are original, paint is peeling but the metal is galvanised, it has lifted 5500 pounds when I loaded a skidsteer on the trailer

if you can share any pdf manuals that would be great and appreciated, the local dealer has been little help

after its mechanically mobile it needs the dash wiring sorted out, lots of tinkering going on
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Link sent, the nice thing about these old beasts is the wiring is pretty simple.
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thanks for the link, those parts diagrams would have helped lots, mine is a diesel motor, the accelerator pedal has a rocker for forward/reverse, for the little we used it seems to work but no brakes hard to do much

today I mounted new brake mastercylinder and throttle linkage, started putting brake lines on but tight with all the hydraulics and bends, hopefully tomorrow will be a runner.

with the rocker throttle pedal is that the power shift? is it single speed or 2 speed do you know?