I'm buying a Lindig BCS chipper - any info?

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Mar 4, 2008
Southwestern Wisconsin
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I'm buying a chipper/shredder for my BCS 715 that was made by Lindig Manufacturing out of Minnesota. From the pictures, it's not been used much, if at all. I'm replacing a good but smaller capacity Troy Bilt Super Tomahawk with this. Since I have the BCS, I may as well start eliminating engines, right? The price is right - about twice what I paid for the troy bilt but less than half what they're asking for a new unit.

Anyone know of the Lindig machines? I've learned precious little about them. Searches have dredged up a few older machines like a soil shredder on eBay for sale but not much info about how good they are. I've also learned they went the way of my troy bilt's manufacturer - out of business.
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I've had a Lindig chipper (chuck & duck) since '02. Co is long gone but blades may be available from suppliers on arboristsite.com or forestryforum.com.
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"Chuck & duck" Now that's funny. Are you talking about a commercial machine or a small homowner's unit? The previous owner of my Troy Bilt decided the rubber flaps weren't necessary on the shredder. It cretainly was a "chuck & duck" until I made a new flap up. After I made the new one, I could understand why the last guy took it out.
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Can you imagine the liability insurance premiums a manufacturer of a wood chipper has to pay to protect themselves from folks that shouldn't be operating ANY kind of machinery? I heard once that half the price of a ladder was for insurance costs, gotta be the same or worse for a wood chipper. W.W. Grinder got absorbed by the old Troy-Bilt company (pre MTD GardenWay) and became gone when GardenWay closed up, Kemp is gone, Lindig is gone, but MacKissic is still in business fortunately. I don't know about how Lindig's machines operate, but I wouldn't buy a chipper without at least seeing it run. I've run a couple that litterally yanked the stuff out of your hands (NOT GOOD!) and others that allow controlled feeding.