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Mar 4, 2008
Southwestern Wisconsin
BCS 850 diesel and 735 diesel
Hey all,

I haven't been around much. My wife and I bought her dad's farm in Lancaster, Wisconsin one September 10th 2010 and I've been trying to get things cleaned up and the laying hens at higher production. On top of that we were trying to fix up and move into the old farm house and sell our house in Lodi. Now we're moved, the house is sold, and the chickens are producing where they should be, so I have a little time to come back on here.

On the two wheel tractor front - I was hoping to become a BCS dealer, but another place near me got it before I had a chance. So I'm gonna take on a Grillo dealership instead. I had always planned on eventually getting both, so I'm pretty excited about it. I'm headed down to Earth Tools Mid-January to get my first stocking order.

Happy new year all!

Bill in WI
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Good to have you back,,, and good luck with the new business venture.
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HI Bill ! We are glad to have news from you. For your new business I think you will have succes. Grillo tractors are very good as Bcs. Price are better. As for a Grillo 85d 9Hp Honda with differential a good buy for me. Good luck! Oldmech
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Hey Oldmech and js5020,

Thanks for the encouragement. Oldmech, how's the 735 Diesel running?
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Hi! The 735 Diesel run very well Now. At first engine dies after 10-20 min when tank was less half. Imagine! The fuel filter (inside fuel tank) was been never changed. Blue paint on. I change fuel filter no more trouble. I add a compression release lever. Now more easy to start.
I like this tractor take less one liter hour
I join a pict.of the best two-wheels I own ten years ago. A Pasquali 9XX Very powerful Acme diesel 13 HP. same gearing as 735 but all iron cast housing 6-12 tires A ground PTO + One two speeds independant PTO. Output shafts (2) was 25 mm and Square no splines.Easy to make and reliable. Weight about 500lbs.
BCS and Grillo 107d are very more versatile but too light Need weight 60-80 lbs in wheels for good tillage in hard soil. because the rotation of tines push the tractor front. We must never tolerate somebody front a rototiller If tines hurt a big rock or a root the tractor can Jump front very fast. Very dangerous!
The heavy Pasquali (As 131 Grillo) was a lot more stable in soil . I run it often with one hand. In Europa the 131 is very popular often with power trailer.
Good luck! in your business! Oldmeck


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Hey All,

I'm going to be showing Grillo at the MOSES Organic conference in La Crosse WI the last week of February. Joel Dufour from Earth Tools plus Larry Cooper and Karen Stack from Gulland Forge will be there with me. A friend from Boscobel, WI who owns a 131 with Baler, drum mower, spader, power harrow, and rotary plow will also be in the booth with me.

If anybody on here is gonna be at the show, be sure to stop by.



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