Mowing International B414 loses power when Mowing

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May 14, 2018
1963 International B414
Hello everyone I am new here and relatively new to tractors The tractor I currently have is a 1963 International b414 Gas. the only other tractor I have owned is a case 235 Diesel.

Anyway here is what I have going on The Tractor runs excellent my 2 problems are the

1.) high low selector does not fully engage to high gear.
I don't really need high gears too often so not a big deal to me at the moment.

2.) When I start to Mow either with the 6 foot woods finish mower or the 6 foot brush hog the slightest amount of heavy grass will slow the PTO down to the point of sometimes killing the engine. I do not have a tach I do have one on order but I am trying to mow at full throttle.

I have been told that its my governor and also that I need a clutch those people were not necessarily experienced but probably more experience than myself. So any help would be greatly appreciated.