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When I fought mine it had 10 hours on it. It was the one they used to start so people could look at. They also drove it around looking for any issues then retorqued the bolts/nuts. On warranty they have it written at 510 or 1010 hours. Can’t remember exactly but know they accounted for the 10 hours much like dealers do with mikes on a car.
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I bought a Kubota BX-22 TLB with 163 hrs from the dealer's rental fleet and discovered it had a 2 year residential customer warranty from the time I put it in the dirt, starting from the hours it had on it when delivered. Check your warranty.

I recognized later that most tractors aren't even broken in until between 50-100 hrs.

There are commercial customers who decline to accept small construction equipment (SSL, MTL, excavators) until they have 25-40 hrs on them. They want any ticky tack leak, hose, loose bolt & belt problems taken care of before it's on a project site.

As previously suggested, I'd document the hrs on the machine when delivered. Photo attached to email to the dealer today.

Enjoy your new tractor, the smart man's wheelbarrow and forklift!

Don't forget all that paste waxing you have to do while it's new! It pays off later when cleaning it and deterring oxidation.
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My tractor had 4 hours on it. I put 3 hours on it at the dealer as I would drive passed the dealer, stop and play with it as I dreamed of the day I could purchase it. In those first 3 hours, I made sure I didn't start it and run the crap out of it. The first hour was from them dropping the bucket and clearing some snow. 12 hours is nothing IF the folks demo'ing it didn't start it cold and run it hard.
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I know tractors aren't titled the way cars are, but I think the same rule would apply. It is "new" until the dealer sells it to someone - then it is used, without even being delivered. I would also think that if the dealer uses it for work around their property they should offer some kind of compensation, either on the price or on service, but that is a negotiating point more than a rule. I agree with those that have said that 12 hours is nothing and if you didn't mention it during the sale it probably isn't worth going back for.

Also remember that you are probably going to be working with your dealer in the future and if you make a stink over little things, they will take a hard line on future negotiations.
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Tractors really aren't like vehicles. They don't generally have demonstrators. You could try and get a discount for twelve hours, but good luck with that. It's kind of the luck of the draw.

I agree. If there is absolutely nothing in appearance other than new, twelve hours could be a good test period.
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!2 seems like a lot of demo hours to me. That would be like buying a new car with 500 miles on it.IMO
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I've been following this thread and agree with the consensus, twelve hours seems a little high for a new tractor, but it was more than likely recorded as such on the bill of sale, (which you probably signed), and any warrenty started at that point. You could mention it and ask for a token consideration, but don't stamp your feet and demand anything, the time to make it an issue was before the sales contract was written. And in the long term scheme of things, 12 hours is trivial.
Please post when the issue is resolved one way or another; we are all interested in how things will shake out.
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I personally wouldn't sweat it. As long as it looks new and doesn't have wear on the paint it's new. My last purchase was the Simplicity Citation XL 61" mower. It had sat in the showroom with probably a zillion people who sat on it. The battery was long dead on it and when i bought it from the dealer after they serviced it and got it ready for me, that if the battery needed replacing cause it was dead to just stop in and they'd give me another one. I took home my new purchase and I did use a rejuvenation cycle on it with the battery charger but the battery has worked perfectly and the Amp hours as tested are very close to the rated capacity of it even this spring.