Is this BCS PTO linkage installed backwards?

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Mar 30, 2015
Milford, MA
I bought this BCS last year for a staggeringly small amount, did some extremely minor engine work, replaced a seal and a broken shifting mechanism in the gear box and it's up and running.

I ran the wood chipper last year with it and didn't have any PTO troubles. This past weekend I finally got around to using it the first time with a non-stationary implement and I've been having a hard time getting the PTO to engage with the reverse lockout mechanism.

There was no possible way to engage the front PTO with the unit driving forward. The PTO would engage with the unit in reverse. I think the round disengagement fob was just oriented wrong.

Even with the handle the wrong way, I feel like the PTO grabs like 1/16th of an inch before it disengages the reverse mechanism. The reverse mechanism is 1/8" away from the stop that I assume it should be resting on. I feel like I'm only half-engaging both the PTO and the reverse mechanism.

I'm tempted to remove the lockout mechanism all-together. I might do that and live on in mystery over how it ever worked at all. Or I'll take that PTO lever disengagement fob thing, tap the pin out and flip it around. I don't know how it could have gotten like that anyways.

Does anyone have any experience? Can you share some photos of the orientation of yours?

I was running it all weekend like this:


Bonus photo of the 850 dethatching our lawn:
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In the first picture, do you have the reverser set to reverse, correct? If so, it looks like you need to drive out the roll pin the holds the bumper, rotate it 180 degrees, and reinstall the roll pin. Here's a pic of my 830 in tiller mode, but you get the idea.