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Nov 16, 2018
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Hi all. Looking at a 2040s with a loader as we are now requiring a loader on the farm. What is the difference between these machines other than hp and age?
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2040 built for sales in N America had 3 cyl engine & early models had open center hyd's vs closed center on later models. 2040 & 2040S built for sales in European countries had 4 cylinder engines. These same tractors built for European sales could have cabs not offered on tractors built for N American sales. Wiring on tractors built for European sales is more complicated with I think brake lights/turn signals
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Thanks Jim. It is a German model, similar hp numbers to my 2130. I have seen a few 2140 around but never a 2040s. Is the motor similar to a 2140 without the turbo?
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You're welcome
To my knowledge all 2040's were built in Mannheim. I think 2040's with 4 cyl(3.9L) were naturally aspirated.