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Dec 11, 2020
John Deere 4300
Good Morning from Ohio,
I have some good parts left over from a John Deere 4400 Restoration project. These parts are from a 4200 tractor.
The parts from a 4200 4300 and 4400 actually any 4000 series tractor from 1998-2001
are interchangeable, I believe. Verify your part numbers.
I have the complete rear end /transaxle available. Send any parts requests and I might have them.
I called deere for a gear breakdown of the rear end and they told me that a lot of internal parts are no longer
available from deere. I have all but the range selector shaft including the brake parts.
If you want a part tell me the part number and what it is. I am tired at looking at numbers.
Thanks and have a nice day, Gary

parts numbers taken from JD parts website:

<LI>Steering components:
pn AM126006 steering valve support bracket no longer available fr deere
pn AM119162 Steering Valve 9 lbs
pn M71094 steering wheel 1lb 9oz
PN LVA10330 Power Steering Pump
pn LVA1495-LVA10668 Tie Rod Assy 16.65 pounds
pn LVA 13560 - LVA 14159 Steering cylinder Bent shaft but works and does not leak

Front Differential:<BR>
PN LVA10380 differential housing wrong one
PN LVA10382 ring and pinion housing assembly
9- PN M136874 elbow housing LS- The right side elbow is broken but may be repairable
PN M130406 r/s Knuckle
PN m130407 l/s knuckle
PN LVA10663 3rd member Housing bare housing
41 PN LVA10376 complete pumpkin
PN SJ14407 LVA10669 L/S Knuckle assembly
PN M136893 Axle Shaft
PN AM127177 Front axle support
PN AM127178 Trunnion rear axle support

Front Frame:
PN AM124395 Frame bolts to engine block supports front end
PN LVU11317 frame bolts (qty 22)

Power steering lines
pn AM122487 STEEL LINE
pn AM122486 STEEL LINE
pn AM122489 STEEL LINE
pn AM126345 rubber hose
pn AM126346 rubber hose
pn AM126344 rubber hose
pn AM126342 rubber hose
pn LVA10320 main dash support from bellhousing up
pn VA10328 Implement Pump main pump
PN LVA11210 Steel tube SCV to rockshaft

Hydraulic oil cooler
pn AM122496 lower oil cooler tube steel
pn 24M7100 qty 4
pn T158424 qty 8 rubber washer vibration dampener
pn LVU11401 qty 4 spacer pipe bushing
pn 19M7529 qty 4 cap screw bolt
pn M133180 pn AM122482 oil cooler
pn AM122497 upper cooler line steel tube new
10 pn R28346 clamp oil line

Hydrostatic Transmission :
pn LVA10469 Hydro transmission
pn YZ81259 Flywheel Housing (not available from Deere)
pn LVA10024 Valve plate
pn- 420308 - ST638782 Included is the hydro
control mechanism minus the actual pedals and minus the magnetic puck
and minus the litte shock absorber

Engine and related:(I want to sell the complete motor w/muffler,starter,alternator, injection pump etc.
...Yanmar 3TNE78A motor Ran Great, started right up and does not smoke and no leaks. I have a
video of it running. Last ran feb 1, 2021 complete Long Block with injection pump $1,900.00 $1,200 without INJECTION pump<br>
PN LVA12357 Alternator
PN RG60654 Starter Correct short one tested works fine

Fuel Injection Pump:
pn AM880613 Fuel injection pump

Air cleaner assembly 5lb 8 oz

pn TY22470 radiator clamp x4
pn M133053 suction hose from manifold to air filt housing
pn AT118553 air restriction indicator
pn M135745 air restriction indicator fitting
5 pn AM122483 air filter main housing
9 pn AM126680 air filter main housing cover end cap
10 pn AM108172 air filter housing drain valve
13 pn LVU12755 air filter housing mounting bracket

Radiator and related

pn ET14236 fan blade chipped up but useable
pn M125009 upper radiator hose
pn M125008 lower radiator hose
pn AM120891 fan shroud Nice
Fan blade chipped up some but useable
pn AM102893 radiator cap
pn am122479 radiator this one needs some new cooling fins but does not leak
pn AM125598 verticle hood closure support 3lb 12oz no longer available from deere
pn AM123270 Upper hood latch plate support panel 3lb 12oz no longer available from deere

pn AM125460 Muffler
pn M133180 exaust pipe

pn AM124970 3 spool valve (dual SCV is actually 3 spool)
PN AM126966 steel tube
PN AM126967 steel tube
PN LVA10211 steel tube
pn LVA10211 steel tube
pn M132251 Joystick Control assembly

Transaxle housing..Rear End..Third Member:(have all of interior gears inquire)
pn YZ80911 Center Case with block off plates etc
pn YZ80608 Transmission Case (rear end housing) with mid PTO Blockoff Plate
pn YZ80901 third member to front drive inner driveshaft
pn YZ81035 PTO brake Basket
pn YZ80783 PTO Clutch
pn YZ80785 PTO Basket
PN YZ81140 Left Rear Axle housing
PN YZ80371 Axle Rear
PN YZ80044 Bull Gear Final drive gear
PN YZ89855 final drive shaft gear

Powered axles and Sheet Metal:
pn AM126195 RS Floor support HST
PN AM120329 L/S Floor Support footrest 21lb 4oz
PN LVA10468 L/S Step 4lb 4oz
45 Cruise Control Bracket

Brake parts:
pn (M133145 cast on pedal) r/s emergency brake pedal control lever- no Longer available from deere 2lb 15oz
pn LVU10492 (m130194 cast on pedal) r brake pedal control lever- Out of production at deere 2lb 10oz
pn LVA10269 (m130195 cast into pedal)L brake pedal 3lb 11oz
pn M137105 Mid Mount emergency brake handle.rusted some but works fine. I have the orange rubber handle end.
pn 123763 support tube
pn LVU10674 Rod
pn LVA11188 brake switch i have working when removed

Dash emergency brake parts
pn LVU10662 dash em brake linkeage
pn LVA10494 dash em brake bracket
pn LVU14160 dash em brake lever

Pedestal (Cowl) hood and sheet metal:
PN LVU12349 Cowl R/S Has a broken place. Use as is or repair
PN M127452 Panel where ignition switch goes. Broken tab useable or repair
PN LVU10567 Cowl L/S Has a broken place. Use as is or repair
pn LVU10816 Hood real nice w/o fuel door
pn LVU10564 Right side side panel pn LVU10564 w/grille PN LVU10727 Broken tab but useable
pn LVU10565 Left side side panel w/grille pn LVU10728 broken tab
PN LVA10560 Original was working needs 1 bolt fixed. self explanatory when you see it

Drawbar hitch parts:
pn AM122133 rear triangular support
pn M124368 fwd bracket
pn 19M7843 boltsx4

3 point Hitch parts Category 1:
PN M132104 Seat Bolt The 4inch long shim bolt for the seat platform 2pcs LN
PN M136617 R/S Rockshaft
PN M136612 L/S Rockshaft
PN M136620 Rockshaft Housing
pn LVA10179 sheet steel upper link bracket out of production
pn LVA18232 Draft Link 14lb 7 oz
pn LVA18232 Draft Link 14lb 7oz
pn AM126932 stabilizer half 1lb 9oz
pn AM126932 stabilizer half 1lb 9oz
pn AM126866 stabilizer half 1lb 11oz
pn AM126169 lift link r/s 14lb 9 oz Not available from deere
pn CE18325 r/s link threaded rod
needs pn T21901 ball/eye available at any farm store
pn M120789 link body out of production
pn RE42504
pn M120791 Yoke r/s lower
pn DE19415 lift link L/S 6lb 5oz
pn CE18326 link body out of production
pn M120791 Yoke
needs pn T21901 ball
pn M138943 sleeve bolt I have 1 maybe both. will need nyloc nuts
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Dec 11, 2020
John Deere 4300
Should I reply?
I do not understand your reply.
I have most of the parts if you need any.
Located in central ohio


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Nov 23, 2021
JD 4300
I would like to buy those hydraulic parts for my front JD 4300. Can you send me some pricing?
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Dec 11, 2020
John Deere 4300


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Nov 23, 2021
JD 4300
What about $1000.00 and I’ll pay the shipping charges? The missing items are another $175.00. The missing bracket is the most important one for now.

Do I have to change my Rock Shaft for something different? From your pics I see the spool valve is installed in a location near the rock shaft. You can see my set up below.


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Dec 11, 2020
John Deere 4300
Well I actually have most of the missing bracket(see photo.) The other piece of it is here needs welded if i find it.
Look at the phorto's below...both yours and mine are basically the same except i have a 3 spool where
you have 1 spool. The 3 spool valve extends out to the right and the lines attach to the bottom. You will have to make your control work on the joystick control i have. It is basically simple once you see it. The rockshaft is the same on both pictures below.
Here is the deal. I actually have a 4200 2wd tractor with the rear remote hydraulics that I was going to use
this valve and control on so I would have 3 way hydraulics. I can use the money but I do have a use for these parts.
So I am going to have to stick to the $1,200 plus shipping. It is all pretty simple to switch over once you remove the plastic console piece beside the seat. Would be real easy if you remove the right rear fender.


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