JD 5055e Radio Addition

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Aug 28, 2011
JD 5105, JD 5055E
2017 5055e got here today. I've done a little bit of searching on this. Obviously, I need some tunes. I need to remove the panel and see what I'm dealing with as well.

From what I've found I need the antenna kit from JD, p/n AL222926. Looking online, that's a pretty pricey kit. Do I need the whole thing? Any aftermarket alternatives?

From what I've read, the factory radios JD uses aren't that great and a regular single DIN car stereo will fit with an antenna adapter. Are the other aftermarket radios for tractors that much better than a regular car stereo? I'm looking for AM/FM/Bluetooth. Weatherband and USB would be nice. CDs not necessary.

I read somewhere that the factory wiring includes a standard European style radio connector prewired. Does anyone know what style of connector that is called?

I also read that the speakers are pre-installed, which seems weird when the radio is optional. Are the factory speakers any good?