JD 7820 low fuel pressure

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Tx Jim

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Jan 26, 2007
Coyote Flats,Tx
JD 4255/Kubota M7040 HDC
I'm attempting to help my neighbor with a 7820. He changed fuel filters during routine maintenance, started engine & backed out of his shop. Engine stopped operating & low fuel pressure code appeared on instrument panel. He has checked to be sure fuel tank is venting, fuel filter is sealing, fuel tank has sufficient amount of fuel. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you, Jim
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Any resolution to the neighbors problem?
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He stated he had to have JD dealer tech attach lap top to solve the problem but I don't know exactly what technician did.
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There is a so called suction control valve on the injection pump. It's very close to the front filter. I could imagine he disrupted the wires.