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Oct 8, 2011
North/central Massachusetts
Kubota B 2650 cab
My wife's relative is restoring a JD-920 made in Germany with an engine made in France. Here is the engine tag:

I am able to get fuel up to the injector pump but can't get it any further than that. He had the motor apart so it's not building oil pressure yet that I can see. Can this keep it from pumping fuel? If not any ideas? We are sending the starter out for rebuild as it isn't working very good right now. Any help is appreciated.
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Which type inj pump(Roosa-master or Robert Bosch)? Sounds as if fuel metering valve is stuck.
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Not sure. Will this pic help? I can call and ask later.
IMG_5560 Copy.jpeg
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Stopped over and grabbed this pic of the pump.

This is the manual we have for it.

Thanks for any help!
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U have a CAV RotoDiesel DPA pump.
The oil pressure has no effect on the pump pumping.
U may have a stuck metering valve under the top cover..
If it’s not that, it could be stuck pumping plungers.. which are deep in the pump and requires the pump to come off the engine and the pump being torn down..