JD Rear Coupler Remotes do not release hose

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Feb 2, 2010
Rosenberg, TX
Kubota L3710; JD 5425, 6105R, 7130-P; IH 1086
OK, I ran into a new one yesterday. My JD 6105 has 3 SCV "remotes" out back. I had sets of hoses plugged in, but when I went to separate them, one hose refused to disconnect. The tractor was turned off. I could hand-twist the hose in place, meaning no line pressure. I could push the hose into the connector, say 1/16", confirming there was no line pressure. But even yanking it as hard as I could with two hands, it refused to release. For the time being, to disconnect, I took two wrenches and unscrewed the Pioneer coupler from the hose, leaving the coupler in place.

This has never happened to me. Anyone have any insights? I looked at the JD coupler body and could not see anything that might look like a "release lever/override", like I have on my old (1979) International.