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May 7, 2002
Warrenton MO
JD4100 Hydro
Here's the deal. I have a JD4100 and am looking for a seat with some springs or other type of suspension. My tractor, with R4s, rides really hard. My ground isn't too smooth and I'll admit to not lowering my tire pressure when mowing vs. using my loader. I had lowered the pressure and then went to use the loader without raising the front tire pressure and I almost rolled a front tire off the rim. So I'd prefer to not mess with the tire pressures.

A while back I did a web search and called a place that had suspension seats and inquired about one for my 4100. The fellow didn't know what a 4100 was. I never followed up, and that's my fault.

Has anyone replaced their 4100 seat with one that has a suspension. How did it work out and which one did you buy?

Thanks for any help.