John deer 5210 power beyond backhoe questions

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Jun 27, 2015
Wilmington, NC
JD 5210
Good afternoon and thanks in advance for reading and any help.
I am going to be putting my backhoe (JD49 iirc) back on. The last time I had it on I got stuck and my loader (540) didn't have any power to lift the tractor. I had to put the back hoe in travel position and disconnect the hydraulics so the loader had power. Is this normal? My tractor has two sets of remotes that run the loader. The back hoe is powered by three hoses that reconnect directly to ports on the right side of the rear of the tractor. When the backhoe is not hooked up two of these lines connect together and the other just hangs free. Did the previous owner cheap out on the power beyond or is this typical? I can get a picture in a little bit.Thank you!
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If the loader worked properly when the two hoses are connected then I would think it is plumbed correctly. Some pictures of the backhoe valve may help us understand better. Particularly the main three hoses and which ones are connected together when not using the backhoe.

Any chance one of the backhoe valves did not center and was redirecting flow?
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Thank you. It's been a few years since I used it, but I only discovered this when I got stuck and the loader couldn't lift the tractor. That is a good point about the valve not centering though. I'll have to pay attention when I set it up again.