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Apr 17, 2005
Rhode Island USA
NH TC40DA w/all options except ss
Hello John Deere guys !! We are helping a friend try to get his 1010 running and we are stumped. Is there any quirk about these tractors that we might have missed? It is a gas tractor, 12 volt positive ground system. We have spark at the points, plugs, and coil,,,,,,not great spark, but seems like enough to fire it. I'm just thinking maybe there is something we're missing. Any help or ideas would be a big help. Right now, we are going to try a new set of points and condenser. We seem to have good compression. It was a running tractor and now it won't do anything, not even a hint of firing. We tried a different coil,,,,different plugs,,,,,running out of ideas.
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Oct 2, 2005
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I'm sure you've checked, but how about fuel? While cranking have you sprayed a little starting fluid in the intake to see if it tries to take? Look at the plugs after trying to see if their wet from fuel. Pull the #1 plug and make sure it's still firing on t.d.c.. The 1010 is a good old tractor and kind of hard to find around here. Sounds like something simple or the timing has jumped.
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Juan venado1010

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Nov 7, 2011
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I am have a new problem with my 1010 tomorrow I am going to check point gape and timing if i can find it on line.
I had to clean carb out also dumped and refilled the oil bath air fliter. You will be supprised by what you find in there.