John Deere 2155 Front Axle Woes

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Jan 11, 2017
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Hello All,
I am not only a new member on this site, but also new to the John Deere family. I first stopped at the newbie section, very warm welcome, thank you. A little about my "toys", please bear with me. Most of my big toys are various shades of yellow. Well, one is blue, but not the typical royal blue, or the grey it technically should be, but the PO slapped on some light blue, with a brush... I think it's Ben Moore Cumulus Cotton... Very sad. I have some small toys also, they are all related. They come from a distant land known as Minneapolis, they have a nice blue logo with a star. But I digress. I thought it was time to treat myself with a Christmas Present, so I began looking for another blue "Big Boy Toy" found a few, nothing in my price range, mostly mid 1970's range, all 2wd, some very shiny! Saw a local one, but he 'listed" it with this guy Craig, & typically, he didn't answer my inquiries. Stupid Craig! Anyway, I was about to give up, but suddenly remembered a new/used JD dealer about 40 mins North of here. Did that www thing I wouldn't you know, found a used JD 2155 MF4WD just sitting there. It has about 5k hours, more than I hoped, but since it's diesel, I figured that was just break in period! It was listed for what i thought was a low number, so I dug deeper. Now for the bad news, the front axle is bad, didn't get more info than that, just that if the dealer tried to fix it, he'd use new JD parts & the total price made the PO decide to trade it in for a new one with cab, rather than fix this one. I think it was a steal since its selectable 4WD, so it was a good price for a solid 2WD tractor. Yeah it needs tires, but at 5k hours I would think so. Ok, now for the dilemma... My issue now is finding a front axle for it. Axle Case is good, not a mark on it, U-joint shroud is a tad bent, but front spins & steers as if no issue. I found a few salvaged axles, but they are all dismantled already, I hate to redo what's been undone. I read on here somewhere that the 2155 was not the best front axle, something about the hub assemblies being weak. So finally, my questions are... Is the gear ratio from a 2355 or larger the same, will it bolt on? Will I have any geometry issues? Should I just rock the 2WD & live with it? I really like the idea of 4WD down in the woods or for snow plowing! Bonus points if anyone can guess what I paid!
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Depending on what is wrong with the front axle, you may not be able to use it even in 2wd. If problem is in hubs or king pins, it will need fixing. I really can't answer questions on ratios. Can't find specs on ratios in tech manual. I can tell you the axle is a different model. 2155 had a APL315 and the 2355 and 2555 used the APL325 axle. The front support housing that the axle pivots on is different, so the axle may not actually fit. It does appear that the wheels will interchange between the models. Sorry I cant be more help, but for sure front axle parts are expensive. Did they say how much the estimate was for repair?
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Ive been driving the tractor, & it has been rolling fine. Forward/reverse, turns @ full lock, all are fine. I just don't want to chance hitting the switch. The dealer said he would get me the parts list, I just figured I'd replace the whole thing if possible.