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Dec 19, 2009
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First time posting something like this! So I’m looking at purchasing a 1025R with loader, backhoe, and 60” mower deck. Had the quote and price looked good, said I’d take it but wanted the 84 month 0% financing. I got the e-sign and wasn’t able to look at it till that evening and the price was different than I thought it was going to be. So on the way home from picking up my kid from daycare I stopped at a different dealership just to see what I could get for a price from them. They are in the same dealer network and said they wouldn’t be able to sell me the tractor after figuring out a price because they didn’t want to step on any toes! I figured no problem I would just call the salesman when I get home and see what was up with the Price and I had a couple other questions anyway. At that point I didn’t even know what size bucket was on the loader or the bucket on the backhoe. So as I’m driving home I get a call and the guy states he’s the regional rep, and that he’s taking my name off the list and the tractor is going to be sold to someone else! I was like wait just a second I never said I didn’t want the tractor. He said it didn’t matter anymore, if I was at another place I didn’t want the tractor. I kept arguing that he couldn’t just take the tractor, finally I said let me talk to my salesman and get some answers to my questions. He said he would give me two hours and if the paper wasn’t signed the tractor would be going to someone else! Well at that point I’m mad and that takes a lot! And my salesman was trying to call 3 times as I’m trying to keep this guy from not holding my tractor and selling it to someone else. When I hang up I try to call my salesman back but he doesn’t answer, so I figure this rep had talked to him and he was calling to say I couldn’t have the tractor anymore. So now I’m really mad so when I get home I called a dealer not in their net work and they actually have what I’m looking for also. He wasn’t able to match the price but wasn’t far off. The only thing is is that they are 2+ hours away. But right now I’m at the point in the morning when I’m done with work, I might just call him back and tell him I’m going to buy from him. I would feel bad for the salesman loosing the sale, but if that’s the way I’m treated from their dealer network and I don’t even own the tractor yet I can only image how I would be treated in the future. What would you guys do in a situation like this?
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Buy a different brand, probably.
Sounds really shady and I wouldn't want to be involved with them except possibly taking some papers to the DA if they tried to pull a fast one on you.
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First, how would the regional rep even know you stopped somewhere else unless someone "tattled" on you?
Second, do you really want to give your business to someone who acts like that?
Third, if the price quote was signed. I believe it is considered a legal document (read the fine print) pending your approval/acceptance by xx#'s of days. Changes can't be made to it until time expires, or you decline.
Fourth, aren't there legal ramifications for "price fixing"?
The whole idea of multiple dealers in a area is to allow you to shop around.

All that said, it sounds more like a high pressure sales tactic.

I had a similar situation in which we were interested in a particular new car. It was not local but was in another close by state. We went to a the local dealer and test drove a car like it, but it did not have all the options we wanted. As we were talking to the sales rep, I mentioned that I had found the exact car we wanted on line and where. And inquired about if or how he could make that happen for us.
After we were done talking (we weren't ready to buy at that moment...) and we were about to leave, the sales rep said hang on a sec., let me talk to my boss and disappeared.
The boss came in and first thing he said was "We now own the car you want. I just bought it from the other dealer. So lets talk a deal." I was livid! I said to him that I hope he has another buyer ready to buy the car because we are not. And we left.
It was all a "hard sell" tactic. 2 weeks later we went to a dealer 45 miles away and made a deal on the exact car in the other state. They even paid to have it shipped from over there. Dealer #1 lost this sale and any future sale to us. Dealer #2 is now our go-to place.
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I would tell them ALL - put their tractor & deal WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE. You DO NOT want anything from people that deal like this. Can you imagine trying to get after sales service from these folks?

I don't really give a poop what brand it was - look for a different tractor and dealership.
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I would walk away. But send a letter to customer satisfaction reps explaining what and why. Try to get one level up from the “regional rep” to get the letter to.

And state that you are now shopping other brands, telling people on an international tractor forum how you’ve been treated, and will likely not be a customer going forward or a recommendation.
And will purchase as soon as the tractor that meets your needs is found once again from another company.

If you can wait, there’s a chance someone may try to fix it given the opportunity.
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The green guys do seem to have the attitude sometimes that they are the only game around.
Took a client to purchase a side by side and a Gator was first on his list as he had one at another property.
Showed up with a trailer and checkbook but they couldn't even be bothered to come out and show us a machine.
salesman was too busy chatting with a friend. Told us there was one on the lot to look at. Ended up with a Kubota, they seamed quite happy to sell us a machine.
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Write to Corporate. Detail names of who screwed you around. Tell them you are buying a different brand.

MY JD dealer thinks he is very special. I bought an LS for a lot less money and the LS dealer thinks I am special.
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Sounds like they quoted you a cash price afterwards you opted for the 84 month 0% financing which adds to the price. At that point they should have explained the price change to you as well as noted it in the contract. When you stopped at the second dealer you must have told them about this otherwise how would they know? Unless they happened to run your name through JD credit and the details with your first dealer showed up. If they did this to me, even in this sellers market I'd do what others have said, tell them to sell it to someone else and move to a different brand. I've heard that this type of thing occurs at JD dealers around my area a lot, probably because most of them are under the same ownership.