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Joystick: Dump & Curl

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Roy Najecki

New member
Oct 8, 2008
Is there an industry standard on how joysticks control the loader? In particular, when the joystick is moved to the left should the bucket curl or dump? Presently my bucket dumps when the joystick is moved to the left. The Summit manuals and documents are contradictory on this point. Some indicate move joystick to left to dump, others indicate move joystick to right to dump. If my loader isn't set up correctly perhaps swapping the two cables to the hydraulics would fix it.


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Dump - Curl.jpg
Joystick - loader manual.jpg
   / Joystick: Dump & Curl #2  
I've operated many loaders and none of them dumped when pull the joystick inwards towards the steering wheel. None.
You should be able to swap a couple of hoses to correct the operation.
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